Lantern Swinger

THE legal age for masturbation is to be raised to 18 as part of a series of measures aimed at tackling binge-wanking among teenage boys.

Supermarkets are to be banned from two-for-one pornography promotions, and all magazines will have to be purchased through special checkouts staffed by intimidating, attractive women.

Any pictures of naked breasts or private areas will have public health minister Shona Robinson's head superimposed on them and a speech bubble saying: "Eat healthy!"

Ms Robison said: "We want to make binge-wanking as socially unacceptable as drinking blood or setting fire to children.
"At the moment masturbation is an integral part of Scottish culture. This process will be long and hard, but I am determined to pull it off."
All aerobics videos are to be banned apart from health secretary Nicola Sturgeon's forthcoming Suzy Quatro Workout, which was declared "mind-numbing" after repeated viewings by the lower sixth at Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh.
According to the Executive's latest guidelines, adults can have up to three personal hand interactions per week without causing any great harm to their health, apart from a degree of short-sightedness and bad breath.
But medical evidence shows that any self-pleasuring by those under 18 is certain to lead to blindness and ugly disfigurement before the onset of middle age, while binge-wanking will lead to total derangement within months.

The British Medical Association said the Executive did not go far enough. Bill McKay, of the BMA's Scottish Masturbation Committee, said tougher action was needed to deal with what he called a "stroking time-bomb".
Roy Hobbs, A&E consultant at Glasgow's Victoria Infirmary, said: "If Channel 4 shows another Kylie special we will simply not be able to cope."
I do hope they're not going to make it retrospective. Looks like the bottom is about to fall out of the singleton sock industry! :biggrin: :laughing8:
Quote ""self pleasuring by the under 18 teens will lead to blindness" brinks back memories of the old joke /can i do it till i need glasses then ? :thumright: :angel12:
"Ms Robison said: "We want to make binge-wanking as socially unacceptable as drinking blood or setting fire to children.""

Tea now sprayed on monitor. Laugh out loud. Mrs DE wonders what's funny!!

How the hell is one to pass a 6 monther down south now?

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