Government To Fund Training For Imams

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ukdaytona, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. Its time for the people of the UK to stand up to these politicians. We are a Christian country, we do not pay for any other religion to train it's clergy so why pay for Islamic clergy to be trained? The government want home grown clerics, how do we know that these home grown clerics will not be recruited from the home grown Islamic extremists?
  2. Politicians sticking their oars into religion? Now THERES a recipe for disaster!
  3. You gotta wonder what kinda deal has been struck between NuLabour and our soon to be new state religion....
  4. If you pay for it, then you can control what is done, cunning move in my book, especially as most non muslims will react just as every one here has so far, a trojan horse into the heart of UK Islam.
  5. We pay for Health, Education, Armed Forces through Taxation - dont see any control there though :thumright:
  6. Next thing is we will be offering death in service benefits to suicide bombers... :x
  7. With this in mind. Do we know if any of the suicide bombers wives are now claiming the governments widows pension?
  8. to be honest, i don't know why this is such a problem. I mean your country is the only one in all the world that broke off from the catholic church because your king found it too oppressive to continue under the Pope, so maybe the only reason this is a problem is because they're creating competition with the Anglican church.
  9. Give it a rest.

    English Muslims being trained as Imams away from the corrupting influence of ignorant , spiteful, backward and bigoted year-zero Islam as taught in religous schools of our so-called Allies? Absolutely in favour.

    Prayers conducted in English , very much in favour of that too.

    Welcome to the reformation. It may be the last best idea of the B'liar.
  10. So why only fund the one religion ?
    Dont remember it happening with Catholic/Prostestants with all the NI Troubles....

    My question is why does the Government need to fund this 1 religion, if the Church Of England or Roman Catholic Church or Anglicans Church asked for funding would it be so readily available or announced in such a way ????
  11. Where does it say that only Muslims can take Islamic studies courses?

    As PTP points out, is that a failing in the current educational approach to Islam has left us in a position where enlightened ideas are failing to reach a section of the Muslim population with massive influence. Whilst I am always loathe to encourage governmental involvement in religion in any other capacity than that of championing secularism, I can't help thinking that this form of low-key social readjustment might not be a bad thing.

    Of course, I'm sure the collective choir of Daily Express readers may disagree, but God forbid that the baritone of reason be heard above the falsetto of hysteria.
  12. Welcome to the reformation.

    Let me spell it out for you. Welcome to the reformation of Islam in the UK.

    An end eventually to backward year zero bigoted Imams with their heads pumped full of Saudi and Pakistani 'enlightenment' preaching hate and bigotry.

    A new breed of Imam, born and bred in the UK , with no taint from 'religous schools' who will conduct services in English , and preach their message from a background of having lived here.

    A group of Imams capable of spreading a different, more liberal and more appealing message to the young, in a language they don't have to struggle with.

    Is it worth paying for to tear the heart out of Year-Zero Islam and stamp all over it?

    Yes it is. The message should be , leave your bigoted bullsh*t back in the desert or whatever beknighted hillside you've grown up on, this is the 21 century.

    I think it's an excellent initative, I look forward to the rattling death throes of the ignorant , bigoted , non English speaking Imams.
  13. It would seem that the government are already paying the Imams. The Hook currently residing in one of Her Majesties holiday camps has been on state benefits since arriving in this wonderful land of Al Hal meat and non alcoholic beverages
  14. Chalky, my point is that to be honest I DONT CARE who takes the courses, Im wondering WHY the extra money is being made available to only the 1 Religion. It may well not be and could therefore be a case of the BBC only picking up in it being traning for IMAMs rather the Priests, Vicars etc too.

    I dont care what people study at university, Im just a little fed up with funding what is, after all, a very small part of the community because somebody somewhere thinks it is a good idea to have English Speaking Imams - What language you speak does not stop what you think.....
  15. As our friend Pat Condell on You Tube pointed out (His uploads are well worth a visit)...we bend over backwards for the Muslims and forwards for the Americans!!

    And here we see the proof in action...well the first part anyway!!

    Whose to say that we dont train them and they then disappear to Pakistan and come back as hardened extremists...yet again they win we lose...with a few quid less in our kitty and a few more quid in their pockets.....FFS.!!

    Sorry but FIT IN OR F**K OFF and oh by the way dont expect to paid for it!!
  16. Perhaps because noone has recognised that a) there is any underfunding in the education of Christian clergy or b) Noone has identified that the underfunding has contributed to the radicalisation of adherents to the religion in question.

    No, but if you are living in a country and influencing any of its population, wouldn't something like a language barrier encourage members of that community to remain insular and isolated and fuel potential extremism?

    If, as many on this site has discussed before, you want Muslims integrated into society, speaking English, having respect for 'western' values and playing a part in this nation, whilst not denying them the right to free expression and the right to worship as they see fit as is the right of any subject of Her Majesty, isn't it a good idea to help mould the thinking of their spiritual and, indeed, social leaders to this end?

    When it really comes down to it, I think £1 million is a small price to pay for the potential social benefits. Cart the crazy Imamistanis back to where they came from for planning to blow up your local Tesco and raise a new generation in their stead who will tell you to shop and Tesco because they give Halal options and while your down there why don't you vote at the local community centre? Incidentally, that's a nice hijab you're wearing, but remember that it's your choice really. Anyone for an alcohol-free beer whilst watching England vs Greece in the local park?

    I know what I'd rather have.
  17. I would have thought that the money would have been better off spent on securing our borders against undesirables!!!
  18. What we need is the norm in Continental Europe of a Church Tax which in the UK people should opt INTO. All training, VAT, charity and other subsidies (eg. Religious Schools, Colleges, RE teachers in schools, etc) would be paid for from this by those who benefit. Those who pay the tax should then be automatically entitled to ALL the services on offer, including religious weddings. Those who the churches wish to deny services to should get a tax rebate on all tax subsidies they've bankrolled since they started paying tax. Any Clergy trained abroad who will thus not be adapted to OUR cultural norms, should then be barred from practicing, and likewise Missionaries should be barred from practicing abroad. I say this as someone who comes from a long family line of Christian Missionaries (oh, er, and priests) including a former Chaplain of the Fleet! :laughing5: :angel4:

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