Government screwing the RNLI


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This has just been posted on ARRSE, we need to get signing it as well. This is a complete disgrace.

LIFEBOAT crews fear being scuppered by crippling new charges for using their radios from Ofcom, the communications regulator. The RNLI could see the price of using its VHF emergency frequencies rise to £250,000 under plans to charge the full commercial rate.

The charity, which saves hundreds of lives every year currently pays an annual £48,000 at a discounted rate of 50 per cent. It relies on donations and fears the move will have a disastrous impact on fundraising. Peter Bradley, RNLI operations staff officer, said: 'It's a lot of money when you think in terms of lifeboat days and little old ladies collecting pound coins.'

'We could buy several inshore lifeboats for the same amount.'

'The Government rely on us to provide this search-and-rescue service, at a cost of £124 million a year, but they want to charge us for doing it!'

Ofcom has set out plans to bring 'market forces' into maritime and civil aviation communications in a policy it calls Administered Incentive Pricing.

£250,000 represents an awful lot of charity collections, even more so in the current economic climate so, if like me you feel strongly enough about this, please sign the petition below.

Please forward to anyone you think might help by signing the petition

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Have signed and forwarded to everyone I know with an interest in the sea.

What will Brown and Darling think of next? With a bit of luck they will get a good kicking in Glenrothes tomorrow!


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Ofcom' salready changed it's mind on this:


RNLI radio boost

The RNLI could pay less to use its radio channels under plans being considered by Ofcom.

We’re currently consulting on proposals to revise the fees for using maritime and aeronautical radio spectrum.
There has been widespread interest in these proposals, and concern has been expressed about possible impact on charities providing vital safety of life services, such as the RNLI.

Radio spectrum

We’re committed to ensuring that the use of spectrum by these charities is fully protected, and to supporting their work.
One option under consideration may allow charities such as the RNLI to benefit by paying lower fees in future than now.
This is because the proposals allow organisations that have a large number of transmitters around the country to take out a single a UK-wide licence.


We expect that for widespread organisations like the RNLI this would be much cheaper than holding a separate licence for each channel at each location.

We estimate that, based on the RNLI’s use, its fee under the new arrangements would be less than £20,000.
Our consultation period runs until 30 October and will be followed by a more detailed set of proposals around the turn of the year.


The thing to really worry about is what yachties will do when thye find out the VHF they don't need to have is goign to cost them a fortune to run.
I saw this a few weeks ago on the new and was disgusted at the time. Do the government take donations from Oxfam or the NSPCC? no of course they don't, but that is exactly what they are doing to the lifeboats, they give them sod all and, as they have done to a million others, are now stealing from the public donations.

I would really love to ram Browns policies right up his duck run.
The RNLI do an excellent job.

Why are they paying in the first place?

The RNLI should be the one organisation exempt.

It seems the UKGOV just love to TAX the S**T out of you guys.

I just hope they dont become a full time government organisation.

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