Government response to petition 'Forces-Hospitals'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tabard, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Government response to petition 'Forces-Hospitals'

    on 29/8/07 16:59, 10 Downing Street at [email protected] wrote:

    > You recently signed a petition asking the Prime Minister to "Bring back
    > dedicated military hospitals and provide adequate facilities (non NHS) for
    > members of the Armed Forces who are injured or disabled in the course
    > of their duties."
    > The Prime Minister's Office has responded to that petition and you can view it here:
    > Prime Minister's Office
    > Petition information -
    > If you would like to opt out of receiving further mail on this or any other
    > petitions you signed, please email opto[email protected]
  2. Same old, and failed to answer the question on access that the general public have to these wards, failed to answer the fear that (even if it may be without proof yet) persons (either Islamic based terrorists or other) who aim to cause hurt to a Military "Soft" target.

    The claim that the number of military patients would fail to fill two thirds of a standard NHS Ward, fails to answer the problem that many servicemen and women have found themselves on wards with the elderly, hardly the sort of place that they need to be to get themselves back to health.

    More hot air from Brown.
  3. Same old story,if we are in Affiestan for the long haul we need a Forces
    hospital so injured can be amongst other servicemen.
    Brown and Blair waffle and seem to want to promote the fury of ALL servicemen and ex servicemen/women.If you think they can win another term with this attitude, think again.
    Open a specialised hospital for our Forces and,if there is space,you can have beds for the severely injured typists with thumb problems coupled with the severe problem that deskbound MOD officers must have with piles!
    I can't think of any members of this Goverment that have served in the Forces so you really have no right to tell us what is best,you don't know and you will never know.
    Still you all have enormous pensions and perks to fall back on.
    I despise these types of ministers of all parties,the servicemen never are looked after as well as other countries seem to, to make it worse,it's done on purpose.
  4. Tabard,

    You say you seved on HM Submarine Tabard, were you in 4 SM? Have you been awarded the ADM? Do you know of anyone who has?

  5. seafarer 1939.

    "Brown and Blair waffle and seem to want to promote the fury of ALL servicemen and ex servicemen/women.If you think they can win another term with this attitude, think again."

    Sadly if it was up to servicemen and middle England they wouldn't, sadly it's not, and they no doubt will win another term due to people voting on the premise of what they can get today rather than what will happen tommorrow.
    Greed and selfgain the motivation for most of the electorate.
  6. The issue isn’t helped by numptys who can’t make a decision for themselves and vote for a party just because dad and grandad voted for them.

    Back on track
    I fail to see how fat boy Broon can turn around and say 2 wards in an NHS hospital is more than enough. The last I heard our armed forces were under daily attack in 2 wars. I have read on previous threads that service personnel recover better when in hospitals with other soldiers, sailors and airmen. My mates son injured his knee on basic training at Raleigh earlier this year, he has seen 3 NHS doctors who have all told him 3 different things ranging from the injury just needs rest, requires surgery, requires physiotherapy. If his knee isn’t 100% when the ship deploys then he won’t be on it.
    You guys will know better than me but wouldn’t a dedicated military hospital have been able to fix training and battlefield injuries as well as the mental injuries far quicker than an overstretched NHS hospital.
  7. Sadly, the answer to this has to be no. When there were military hospitals, military staff were underemployed simply because the Service population is fairly young and fairly fit. When the plans to maintain a core hospital at Haslar were ended, the decision was terminal for in-house Service secondary health care and it's very unlikely that there will be any purely Service hospitals in the future.

    The only way to expose Service doctors, nurses and medics to the sort of work they need to prepare them to support the front line, is to employ them in busy NHS units like those that house the MDHUs and Selly Oak and, despite the myths and legends that have built up in Birmingham, Selly Oak is an excellent facility that the Armed Forces should nurture.

    Nobody has ever been able to substantiate the "you are killing my brothers" incident and I doubt they ever will, because it sounds like a press invention. Another thing that is worth considering is that the UK Armed Forces total population of about 300000 people is less than a quarter of the population that Selly Oak has to cover. What our injured Service people really need is excellent rehabilitation and preparation for return to work or civilian life after their injuries. There is nowhere better than Headley Court for this in the UK, so some things in the garden are quite rosy.

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