Government cuts after the election

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by janner, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    What would you cut to try and balance the budget?

    My suggestions.

    The majority of Foreign Aid, especially that given to corrupt governments and those using it for Arms.

    A clamp down on the unemployed, mainly by making them work on community projects after a certain period of grace after becoming unemployed.

    Stop fighting other peoples wars.
  2. cut foreign aid
    pull out of EU
    once out of work the state should only give benefits for up to a year
    cut qaungos
    build up a manufacturing base
    cuts across the board including education and the nhs i dont see why they should have to suffer to
    cut the number of mps
  3. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not Sweaty baiting this time, I'd stop free prescriptions and university for them.
  4. Send back any foreigners who did not come here to work but to scrounge off the taxpayers they are a massive drain on our resources.

    For the unemployed offer them 3 jobs, if they do not take the last one offered then cut their benefits.
  5. Are there any jobs to offer?
    What can you offer the 58 year old compulsory redundant chap whose unskilled?
    Does Mary Poppins wear stockings or tights? :wink:
  6. Have you tried B&Q's where the older person is valued?
  7. Leave the European Union.This is one club which we can no longer afford to be a member.Get rid of regional assemblies and spend the same per capita on everyone wherever they live in the country.Get rid of the Equal Opportunities Commission and any other bureaucracy that exists to act as busybodies for the so-called under privileged.Pull out of Afghanistan,if the remaining countries invovled think it is a battle worth fighting leave them to it.
  8. older people wear stockings, so I would guess she was stockings gal.
  9. The EU costs Britain £118bn a year 8O
  10. You've been reading the Daily Wail again, haven't you? :roll:

    The EU actually costs the UK a few billion a year.

    In 2006 we contributed £3.9bn to the EU*
    In 2007-08 it was £4.7bn*

    To put that into some perspective, the wealthiest 1% of the working population, with annual salaries over £150k, collectively receive £10bn a year in tax breaks for their pensions, from an annual pensions subsidy pay-pot of £37bn. 60% of that £37bn goes to higher rate taxpayers. Only 15% of that pot helps standard rate taxpayers. If there is one area ripe for cutting it is pension subsidies exceeding the standard tax rate, and there should be a cap on the subsidies based upon the mean pension - that is what most people actually receive as a pension, in the region of £5k a year.

  11. Thankyou for your concern finks... It was a rhetorical question, fortunately I'm skilled and in a shortage category. I do worry about all the other poor individuals who are not so fortunate.
  12. Significant reductions in NHS provision, a rationalisation and simplification of the tax system and in the provision of welfare support, decentralisation of power from central government and a reduction in the number of layers of government.

    Change the HMG budgeting system away from incremental and move it towards a zero based approach.

    Relax the regulations around commercialisation of government services.
  13. Cut the benefits of the work shy Brits and kick out the work shy foreigners for starters.

    Get out of wars that can never and will never be won.

    And while we're on the subject. Get rid of the do gooders who dragged this country down in the first place. I suggest the French method.

    Madam Guillotine!!!!!!
  14. You can't cut the welfare benefits -----or if you do you had better not say
    before the election------Reason being a lot of voters are on welfare !!
    At the same time tighten the rules-as mentioned 3 job offers and your on your own.
    NHS --thin out the managers and paper pushers and give it back to the doctors and patient carers . Health service used to be for patients -now its jobs for the highly paid managers!

    Overseas aid -----no way .

    Bring back central government--devolved parliaments are wasted space and money -----over staffed and over paid as always!

    Immigration and illegals -- ship them out -no appeals legal aid or time wasting [or hand outs to go home voluntarily .]

  15. Whilst throwing out the immigrants, spongers and timewasters will save cash I fancy a replacement for Trident and the new carriers are now no more than a pipe dream.. !!
  16. Make national service compulsory for people seeking citizenship into our country. This way they earn their right to live hear and no one can say they are not investing in this country the Turkish do this already.

    Give people a choice after school either go to college or do National service it will eventually cut down on the spongers and increase the number of skilled and educated people.
  17. Wot about a British Foreign Legion,on the same lines as the French.It is a self contained part of their army so no over lap into other parts of their defence force, and they must learn the French language,culture & customs.
    Draft chits are to some of the top shit holes on the planet.
    The incentive is after 5 years service you get French citizenship and one or two perkes thrown in job done and your inboard Jack. :lol:
  18. National Service would be a BAD thing for the Forces.

    It might be tempting to a government trying to get service personnel on the cheap whilst being popularist with an illiberal electorate, but conscripts are a pain for the regulars. Regulars, because they want to be there, are committed to their career choice and more likely to provide value for money than conscripts.
  19. Most responses to these kind of questions are a bad thing for the British economy, society and HMG though.

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