Government collapse

News flash,
Due to the world financial crisis and the lack of confidence in the present government ,coupled with the fact that there is no credible opposition.
The Monarchy will take over the running of Grate Britain as from 0800 22/2/09.
Prince Philip to the Foreign Office and special ambassador to the UN.
Prince Edward to the Ministry of Defence,Employment & Arts.
Any suggestions to fill other Ministerial post by the Royals :D
Tartan_Army_Sailor said:
Sack all the Royal Family. Get rid of them and have a President.
Ugh, President Bliar! Just the thought of that smug git's smiling face on on our money........that's enough to give me nightmares :wink:
I nominate Camilla as Representative of the Church Commissioners. She can lecture the Lords Spiritual on the merits of adultery! :twisted:

Charles could become our Ambassador to Timbuckytoo.

Anne should obviously be our Equerry to the EU Transport Committee.

The Queen could become Governor-General of the Rebellious Colony of America.

Prince Phillip could become the Mufti of Ankara

and Andrew should be Equalities Minister.

Wet Blobby should become Governor General of the BBC

Golden Rivet should be appointed as Black Rod and Lord West: Serjeant-at-Arms in the Commons.
Capn_Pugwash said:
Princess Anne to be Minister for Safety.

A phot of her on the mantlepiece will keep the kiddies away from the fire.
Put another photo of her in the cellar and keep the rats away!

Phil the Greek would make an excellent diplomat.

Leave Andrew where he is, I don't think that he has harmed the RN, or does someone think the misery should be shared with the other services?

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