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The Sunday Times have printed a copy of the test that people will be expected to gain British Citizenship. of the 100 British Citizens who took the test all failed. I managed 14 correct out of 24.

What most of these question have to do with being a good British Citzen if far beyond me. Have a try yourself Mutliple Choice




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I got 15, though I would disagree with the dog coller answer (I got that one right by guessing that they would not allow for the exceptions)

I can't see what some of the questions would do to improve ones understanding of a new country.
Most of the questions seem to have been selected by some really right-on social scientists.

I thought it would be testing laws, government, customs etc, but I'm obviously not a correct thinking citizen (I thought I was a subject?).

Why I would need to be tested on the number of independent schools, the population of Wales, the difference in hourly pay etc is beyond me.

If I were an immigrant, the sort of things I'd need to know would be how to vote, the law, customs like standing in a queue and not eating pets, public holidays, how to recognise the emergency services etc.
How bloody pathetic is that quiz - I got 12 (50%) right and of those I had to totally guess 8 of those I got right, which means I actually knew 4 !!!

Of what relevance are most of the crap quesions asked?


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