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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by mikh, Dec 30, 2006.

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  1. Rant time -
    I am sick and tired of our elected governmnets hypocrisy- today a government minister stated that sadam has got what he deserved whilst the same time a statement is issued that they want to see the worldwide abolishment of the death penalty - they might! - but survey after survey of the population of this country would like to see its return for certain crimes.

    Blair and his cronies are supposed to represent US, but when we dont conform to his blinkered vision of the world we are little englanders - homophobes - racisits or at best a 'vocal minority. They are the most undemocratic government in the UK in living memeory, policy after policy forced onto England is pushed through thanks to a majority owned due to MPs elected in Scotland where these policies have place in law.

    The NHS, Educational System and the Armed Forces going down the pan and all we get is sound bite after sound bite.

    And the really sad thing is we voted them in and then kept them in.

    Rant end
  2. The sad thing is there is no alternative. The other parties would be worse.
  3. I sympathise mikh better get used to it though. Those who care about the poor and downtrodden are often written off in an equally glib fashion as 'the enemy within' as if having a concience signified lack of love for ones country or were a traitorous act. Could it be that we are pigeonholed by stupid people who like a neat black and white world? I for one think we should refuse to be caught in this trap and reject such slick definitions though I suspect that everyone opening up their easy to digest tabloid this morning would disagree - YES THAT MEANS YOU YOU DOZY SOD !!!

    I'm afraid the rant is only just beginning ...
  4. mate it is the same in australia,why is it that when you speak the truth you are a racist. cont people speak the truth becouse it is the truth : anymore. :evil:
  5. GR - This was not a specific rant about captitol punishment it was a general rant about the government, you know the one who tell us they have increased spendin by xx% in a particular area, but upon study they have counted the same cash 2 times, or have expressed that the cash should be spent on y when z is where it is needed - the one that manipulates figures to show their policies are working when they are not - and if you dare to disagree with them you get labled - you get the idea

    As far as tabloid reading goes, yep a sun reader thats me, the forces favorite newspaper don't forget - however the info on the Sadam hanging and the UK's stance on capitol punishemnt came from reuters links (hardly tabloid)
  6. I fcuking didn't!
  7. squirrel I used we collectively as a nation, always though blair was a smarmy git from 1st time I saw him on TV (admittedly it could have been as a puppet on a show - forget what it was called)
  8. Mikh - my rant wasn't about capital punishment either, you can read that in another thread ... my dislike of easily digested answers runs far wider wider and deeper than any one issue. It was (I'm sure I don't need to explain) in response to the Blair's govt. and other simpletons putting people in boxes (no not coffins I'm really not talking about Saddam) the ersatz left to it to the so called right now (as per your quote) just as I was saying some people had done to people holding my views in the past. It was a plea for people not to see issues in terms of black and white but in terms of what I perceive to be shades of grey ... cheers ...
  9. Neither did I!
  10. When I was in the mob it was a general held thought that we would vote for the party that put the most in your pocket. Bearing in mind what this government has taken off of us and the country as a whole since 97, I think its time we did something about getting it changed. The future is most definately in our own hands. I know that all parties are basically the same, but if we vote TB/GB in again we are going to be squeazed dry.
  11. I take it you are a Guardian reader then GR? :wink:
  12. Have to agree with both of you.
    The fist time saw\heard b liar I took an instant disliking to him I cant post on here what I really think of the two faced, double dealing, lying, slippery grinning monkey.
    Suffice to say `a smarmy git` is bit light for me
  13. Of all the septics I know none voted for the infidel bush. So who did??

    As for Bliar you only have to look at the toe rags on the councils to see what they are.

    Why is it when you have grid lock and you need that new bridge they have meeting after fecking meeting costing tens of thousands employing surveys then when it is granted finally the local MP pops up telling you how he has fought the good fight and secured the bridge but it will have to be payed for in the private sector. And it will be a toll bridge.

    Why is it that the local hospital has been told to shed jobs to balance the books through performing to many operations. There was me thinking that was the calling of them there places??

    Then the same area we have a new mental hospital being built in the private sector. NHS patients will be treated there so who pays?? If we are shedding jobs in one area where does the money come for the other.
  14. mikh. Was it Spitting Image?

    Keep Striving
  15. I like variety Ratty :)
  16. Onions Cheers mate thats the one - memory loss is getting worse - been off the booze since the 27th had the dreaded lurgy
  17. MPs: Our Representatives? Oh no! Just think where that might have led in 1938 when most of the electorate backed Chamberlain and he appeared on the balcony at Buckingham Palace after his Munich Agreement. MPs are not elected as representatives/delegates of the electorate (as they are broadly speaking in the US House) but as independent people usually affiliated to a political party and its programme. When you elect your MP you are electing an individual. If you don't like his/her behaviour in power you have the option of voting in someone else at the next General Election or of standing for Parliament yourself and persuading the electorate to vote you into Parliament and then begin the long ascent up (along or down) the greasy pole of power.

    I must be honest Mikh, I prefer the Commons as it is. Just imagine if MPs responded to every Sun inspired, fictional, moral panic or complaint! They'd probably privatise the RN and do away with your (public sector) pensions. Privatising all public sector pensions might be popular with the public (it would be at the moment): that does not necessarily make for sensible policy. Moreover, it is typically the vociferous minority who get heard, not the silent majority.

    Short term memory Mikh. Thatcher did the same to other parts of the UK where she had no mandate, most notably Scotland.

    Steve (Guardian reader) :lol:
  18. AAC
    Now there's a bloody surprise :lol: :lol: :lol: Who here would have guessed it? :roll:
    Happy New Year Steve.
  19. :oops: :oops: :oops:

    In mitigation I also read the Times, FT, Economist, Herald and the Scotsman.

    Happy New Year to you too RoofRat! :D

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