Gotland Class SSK's

Take a look at the spec of this class of boat, the Italians are producing a similar 212 Class. They have a crew of 25 to 30 can stay dived up to four weeks without snorting, they are super quiet.

Many other navies have or acquiring similar boats, China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Australia, et-al, have the now very efficient Collins class, the pre-cursor to these modern D/E's. Is it not about time that UK started to invest in these smaller but efficient units to give us more hulls in the water instead of a few Astute/Vanguard/Daring type constructions.


A subject fore debate by the young and bold. Should it be a few big assets in the water or many more smaller cheaper assets in the water.

I agree Nutty, but equally I think we need to keep a good operational capability in SSNs too. The real problem is that the politicos have such a stranglehold on the budget these days and there just isn't the cash either to buy or to run any other boats and the choice is one ore the other. Given that choice you have to keep the SSNs.

It is just like the recently announced council tax deal, the cash comes from the MOD budget again, so paying the lads half decently means that the money for everything else gets cut.

We do need to get forces provisioning onto a decent footing where the government sets the operational capability it requires then pays the cost of providing that capability rather than the present state of setting the budget at a basic peace time level then going off and fighting wars without properly paying the extra costs.
geoffg said:
Did we once try it with the Upholders??
geoff(ers) :nemo:

I never saw a completed Cup-holder but I am informed by friends who did crew them that they were excellent boats. They were sacrificed on the Altar of The Peace Dividend cost cutting, thinking we can sell these easily, no and after being abandoned in Barrow where the contrator failed to maintain them, some mug punter the RCN, under protest and forced by their Goverment, brought them. Would purchase a car that had sat on the front of a wet, cold, windy house, Barrow, for over eight years and not expect major problems.

i totally agree nutty its about time that we started looking at our diesel fleet again i for one would love to serve on an upholder class, the italian/german 212A class is something to worry about i believe they will be a bigger threat to us than our old upholders were when we employed them. shrink SSBN's to 3 in the class build all astute and ditch the T class in favour of a coastal diesel force thats my opinion
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