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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Woogi, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. Yup I'm new, hi.

    I live in Jersey C.I. so no matter what role I do, I will always be either a plane or boat ride away from home. So what I'm really looking for is a job within the Royal Navy where I spend most my time out to sea, **** all the shore time, I want to join the RN to get out on the open sea as much as possible.

    Fitness or the mental testing I don't think will be a problem ( 8O ), I just need suggestions on what type or specific jobs require you to be mainly at sea.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Woogi

    Just a quick note to let you know that the Channel Islands are dealt with by Plymouth's AFCO when it comes to recruitment and that the staff there come over for occasional visits.
  3. Hi

    I'm in contact with the recruiting officer, I phone up the other day to find out when he was over and he told me that he only left the day before, and August is when he is next back over, but I'd really like to get the ball rolling, which means I may have to take a trip to the main land for a couple of days, which is such a pain in the ass having to sort out plane/boat trip plus hotel.
  4. Not wishing to tear you away from the bosom of your family but, have you considered the following.
    Joining the RN will take you away from your home and Jersey; which is a small island. It will give you new experiences, you'll see new places and meet new people.
    Given that, and after a few years, you may not want to return to Jersey. Or, return there less often.
    I was born and bred in London, but after leaving the service, for many reasons, I have never wished to return there to live. Life if you wish has moved on.
    You mention fitness. If you have a think about it spending a lot of time at sea in cramped conditions, with little opportunity for real exercise (exerting mobility) is not likely, if done for a long while, to improve your fitness. Your time in the most basic training phase is likely to be, unless you really put your mind to it, just about the most fit you will be.
  5. Thats what I'm hoping for :D

    Jersey is a bright beautiful, sunny place, but there is more the the world and for me Jersey is not what I want. I want to get out and see the world abit and if I see somewhere nice on the way, I might end up there... I'm pretty easy.

    I was wondering, I'm 23, I will prob be 24 by the time I join are the majority of people I start training with going to be around 16 as It would be so awkward i think, or even if you have been in that situation whats it like?
  6. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Warfare specialisations probably spend the most time at sea. Do consider though, that your feelings may change in a few years, particularly if you marry or have kids. I would advise that you choose your branch on the grounds that it is something you feel you will enjoy doing, not simply for spending more time way.
    Edited to add; there are several threads already about joining up "older" than most recruits.
  7. Ahh cheers I will look out for those threads.

    Your right about applying your self to a job that you would enjoy rather than time out at sea, I do have a rough Idea of the jobs.

    One idea of a job I have is Hydrographic, Meteorological and Oceanographic Specialist. It's abit of a mouthful but sounds really interesting, I've looked on the jobs sight and shows a pretty basic insight into the role, has anyone else got more information on it?
  8. Woogi: Try contacting the Naval Hydrographic Service - Mapmakers to the RN - in Taunton, Somerset. They might be able to point you in the right direction for the info you seek. Sorry but don't know the address, but it is in Taunton...Good luck...
  9. Woogi: I think that should have been 'chart' makers to the RN....!!

  10. Here's the contact details for the UKHO

    Speak to the general enquires helpdesk they'll point in the right direction if needs be
  11. Concur with Sussex2 here. Originally from London (Shepherd's Bush) but didn't return to London when leaving the mob. Actually I ended up in Jersey and have just left there after 11 years and am now in Malta. Looking forward to returning to Jersey though when this adventure is over.
  12. I was 24 when I joined up, wasn't the oldest in my entry by any means and from what I could see of the other classes marching around there's a pretty good spread of ages joining up.

    If you want to join, do it, don't let age be a barrier, but make sure you choose a trade that you'll enjoy.
  13. Ahh brill thanks for the response, comforting to know there is a good spread.
  14. If it is watch on stop on sea time you are after shipmate then i would recommend the RFA!
  15. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Why? 3 months on 3 months off?
  16. well 4 on 2 off but at least its mostly away and not just the gulf either!
  17. Whats RFA?
  18. Royal Fleet Auxilary
  19. and whats that when it's at home :p
  20. You heard of google? lol

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