Got my Provisional Offer!

Discussion in 'RFA' started by SuperNexus, Jul 20, 2016.

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  1. Hey Guys,
    Received my Provisional offer for seaman apprentice starting 15 January, anyone else got an offer ?
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  2. Congrats and well done! I've got my interview for medical technician next week, have waited 9 months for it so hopefully I don't stuff it up! How long did it take for them to let you know after you'd had your interview mate?
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  3. Got my prov offer for the same for the 30th April intake! I don't finish in the Fire Service until 31st March. Month off then back to sea, (after training Obvs) so happy!!!!!! My interview was last Thursday and they said I'd know in 2/3 weeks, letter came within 6 days!
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  4. About 6 Days , so not long.
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  5. Great, that isn't long at all! Many thanks for the info and congrats to both of you :)
  6. AussieMedic how did you get on? SuperNexus have you had anything ref the SC yet?
  7. Not yet but i talked to them on friday and they said within the next week
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  8. Not sure Klanky67! I had a panel of three interviewers - a Med Tech/HR/Senior Navy Doctor - got asked re my work history, why I wanted to work for them and about RFA ships and ops. I had to sit a written exam and then the doctor talked me through a number of medical scenarios and medication questions. They were nice and friendly but I honestly have no idea how I did really. I'm already a qualified remote and offshore medic so hoping that will go in my favour but who knows? They said 2-3 weeks so it's back to stalking the poor postie again ha ha!!!!
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  9. Wow that's a bit more involved than my interview, but hey our lives in your hands when we go down in the middle of the oggin! They said 2/3 weeks to me but it was a lot quicker so fingers crossed for you.
    Let us know when you do.
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  10. Yes indeed, I'll be in charge of the Lemsips and plasters don't forget ha ha!!! Hoping to hear this week so cheers and yes, I'll keep you posted :)
  11. Yeah that was tons more involved then my interview too, mine was more like a chat. and yeah they say 2-3 weeks but i got mine within 4days.

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