Got my Joining Date - 11 November - Anyone else?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ben_C, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Got my provisional dates through this morning.

    Just wondering if anyone else is joining on the 11th November?
  2. Well I'm going in for the same trade as you and I handed in my passed PJFT letter yesterday, so hopefully they'll start bidding for me asap and get me a November date. My careers advisor told me he'll try and find me the earliest possible place.

    I've heard AET's getting places as early as September, because someone else who had a September date dropped out last minute due to any variety of problems. I'm a decent person really but the Machiavelli in me is hoping someone twists and ankle or something, muhaha.
  3. Well I´ll have been there 2 weeks Ben so we will possible pass each other along the way at some point, Did you ask about the RNAC or you just going to leave it then?
  4. Machiavelli would have arranged for it to happen.......
  5. And probably would not have just gone for the ankle
  6. I'm going to leave it lost soul.

    I've got a lot of training to do aswell as funding things I am going to need to need all the time to get down the gym and work unfortunately..
  7. Hey, I'm joining on the 11th too, going in as sea spec, what trade are you going in for?
  8. Read the 2nd post. :thumright:

    Great news Ben, better than next year anyway!

    I'll be there from 7th October so will probably bump into you at some point.
  9. AET.

    What is the average age of new recruits? I'm 19 and pretty mature. Its not over-run with immaturity is it?

    ChrisA - Yep will probably bump in to everyone at some point.

    I'll ask for a list of names nearer the time :thanks:
  10. Rememberence Day..
  11. Good God, just realised that.
  12. lol jus read the 2nd post, tend to miss stuff when i've worked 4 12 hour shifts back to back o_O
  13. Jeepers it will be even more pussers than usual. Oh how you'll laugh.....looking back after you've done your 22. Good luck fellas.
  14. Ben, you have a PM

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