got my interview on the 12th of may

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dannyb2028, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. Hi i have got my interview on the 12th of may. i am joining the submariners as a cook.

    what do i need to know to prepare for my interview the AFCO guy said he would be asking questions to see what i know about my chosen role and the type of submarines i would serve on.
  2. I'd say you need to know about your chosen role and the boats you could serve on :?
  3. to be honest i can find loads of info about the types of subs out there but the only info i can find out about a chef is whats written in the material that they gave me nothing eles

    i mean i know what a chef does its just how diffrent is it in the navy from civi life etc..
  4. It's mainly in the names eg Shit on a raft, Train smash, Baby sick etc.

    Feel free to Google any of the above.

  5. The PO stoker spent 10 minutes briefing me on that when I went for my interview >_>
  6. Well, as a cook (or whatever they are called this week) you will get up really early in the morning and switch on the ovens. Then you'll get some ingredients out of the fridges and cook them. For breakfast they'll usually be sausages, bacon, baked beans, tomatoes and eggs. Once everybody has been through for breakfast you'll clear everything away and start preparing for lunch.

    The PO Caterer (or whatever he's called this week) will provided you with a menu and you'll get the relevent ingredients and cook them. Once everybody has been through for lunch, you'll clear everything away and start preparing for the evening meal.

    Guess what's coming next?

    Repeat ad nauseam.
  7. thanks for all this info :) will gimme so good reading
  8. On the modern Boats you'll have a nice set of cooking utensils, and a cooking range any female would give their right arms for, the whole works mate, modcons doesn't get a look in...and the rest is as Jimmy Green told you - ad nauseam, only to add that if you aren't very good at cooking you will find out very quickly indeed, and you'll probably be drafted out to another boat....good luck I'm sure you'll survive the ordeal, after of coure you've passed the submariners course and can work under pressure (s'cuse the pun)...
  9. cheers for that got alot to learn for navy life :).
  11. Quote scarface
    i had my interview last week for a chef on the ships

    I shouldn`t really ask but, fukc it

    Since when did people join as a Chef?.
  12. am at lincoln AFCO atm :)

    they seem ok up there i ring nd my question's get answered
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You're right.

    Another example of Hig posting about the "new Navy" [sic], something he obviously knows very little about... :roll:
  14. The chef's course is the hardest in the Navy. Nobody's passed it yet. Only a Naval chef can take nature's finest raw ingredients and totally fcuk them up. :D
  15. I would argue against that. Even the human body, which has evolved to the task over thousands of years, cannot turn food into shit as effectively as an Army chef.

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