Got my date on the February 21 2010..

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Leo_Tonge, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. Leo_Tonge

    Leo_Tonge New member

    Was just wondering what sort of fitness standards I'll need before joining like the amount of press-ups, sit-ups, distance and speed for running.
  2. Leo_Tonge

    Leo_Tonge New member

  3. hamisatypeofcheese

    hamisatypeofcheese New member

    how long ago did you pass everything i.e. RT, Med, Phys and Interview Leo?
  4. Leo_Tonge

    Leo_Tonge New member

    Err.. was at the beggining of August.
    When are you going in? What as ect..
  5. hamisatypeofcheese

    hamisatypeofcheese New member

    ah right

    well I'm doing a peak flow diary for a month to confirm my childhood asthma has gone before I can do my fitness and interview, but if all goes well I'll be going in as an AET, but there is a 9 month wait atm apparently
  6. Leo_Tonge

    Leo_Tonge New member

    Holy snit that's long..
    I got my date fairly quickly because I failed the test the year before, lucky really - otherwise I reckon woulda been late next year.

    You got facebook?.. If so, add me Leo Tonge - I'm the only fooker wth that name so can't miss me.

    Speak soon.

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