Got Me Tickets!!!

YAY, my Ricky Gervais Live: Fame tickets just arrived!

The show is on the 8th February (5 days) and this is when I'll be paying a visit to AFCO!

I think it's going to be a day where things will be going right for a change! :grin:

Applying to join in on one of the greatest careers known to man and watching live, one of the greatest comedy geniuses known to man!

And the little cherry on top - I can go down there nice and slim and dressed smart for once instead of the fat, blobby, scruffy bugger I've always been! :razz:

EDIT: Forgot the whole reason I'd posted - You didn't think I'd just posted a message on Navy boards just about Ricky Gervais did you?

Anyway, that's what I wanted to ask. Should I phone AFCO Wednesday to tell them I've found my Army Discharge Documents?

See I don't want them to say 'It's busy tomorrow, so come down Friday' because that means I've got to go down twice in a row and it's not the traveling, it's the cost. It's £5 for a return. But then again, I don't want to phone Tuesday and ask can I go down Thursday for them to say 'Nah, come tomorrow, it'll be quiet tomorrow' then I'm buggered with the paying-twice thing again! :mad:
NZ_Bootneck said:
Kinell mate, dont sweat the small stuff just give them a ring see what they say and act accordingly.You will worry yourself into an early grave, wait till your in Pusser will really give you something to worry about. :smile:

lol I know! I just worry about getting in that's all! It's not that I worry over things in general, I just want everything to be perfect so I can near-guarantee myself in!
NZ_Bootneck said:
If you come on as being too nervous you may seem to lack confidence. Everyone is a little nervous at interviews but you can go over the top,take a mental chill pill and you'll be fine :cool: .

lol I failed my first driving test through nerves! Anyone ever have their calf trembling that fast that you can't find the bite? Not good!

Anyway, second test, took a dump-truck of Calms and I was laughing before going in for my test - passed it with flying colours!

2 minors!!! :grin:
The last time me calf was trembling that tight I donated me muck all over someones chin, she did come cum back for seconds though.....bless......she was was very drunk and i didn't give a shite.
for once instead of the fat, blobby, scruffy bugger I've always been! :razz:

EDIT: Forgot the whole reason I'd posted -

bloody wanna be civvy walts... :cool:

fcuk up because I cant isolate the text from creddy that i want to.....

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