Got entry date - Funny thing


Hi Niall,

You get any news on your letter arriving yet? The only one I've received is the official "unofficial" offer of my start date with the dont be handing your notice in just yet message... i got that in early February so presume that if things had gone pear shaped i'd have heard by now... My application started a little early as i was initially applying as a Diver, got through it all for the Navy to change their maximum age for applicants for that role on me so was more than a little gutted... Really looking forward to HMO though, opposite side of the spectrum mind! I'm doing the same with my hols/notice as well, i'm going to sort it so i've got about 4 weeks off before Raleigh, can't wait!


Phoned AFCO on Monday, the guy said i would hear from them 8 weeks before I go, then have to go and see them 6 weeks beforehand for a briefing.

My brother went to Raleigh and he got one of the letters you got, I don't know why I haven;t got one, but the guy at AFCO didn't seem to think there would be any problems.

I reckon HMO will be a good branch, and a bit more cushy than diving.


Wouldn't worry about it too much,but would obviously be better to have one just for ease of mind i would phone again.
Glad to see you're busy at work on your return!See you in May boyo.

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