Got any steely gizzets?

In order to raise some cash for Holidays4Heroes, we've been auctioning all sorts of stuff recently and found this a cracking way to get some big funds coming in. It could be a gizzet or you could work somewhere interesting and offer a tour? Anything can be auctioned if it's sexy enough.

So have you got anything of interest knocking around that could raise a few quid? We've had some fantastic stuff recently but I'm sure there are plenty of you out their that have something "mmmm shiny" laying around. Or perhaps you're bezzie oppos with Frank Lampard and can jack up a tour of Stamford Bridge?

Have a think about it and a rummage around if you can.

With regard to previous auctions Holidays4Heroes would like to publicly recognise and thank StixJimboRM and 2DeckDash for their incredible contributions. Thanks lads.

If Uncle Albert offers himself for auction I would seriously like to acquire him! ;)

I've heard a rumour that a Duke Bluebeard has some spare wives he might part with.

I can't believe someone's offering to take stuff off my hands for free! :razz:
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