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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by golden_rivet, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. I have three colleagues who are terrible gossips. Not in a nice way either. Working with them I just have to aceept they bitch about me in the same way they do about everyone else when I walk out of the room.

    What is it with this nasty stuff? Is it the individuals or is it a sign of a sick organisation?

    Individually they are fine - - - but more than that and it starts. It's almost as if they are trying to outdo each other to say nasty things about people - 'hey look at me I'm clever look what I have noticed/discovered...'

    Anyone know where this sort of thing originates????

    One is a bloke and two women.


    me of course I'm all sweetness and light :glasses6:
  2. Happens everywhere mate - always has been, always will be. Mostly boredom I think - people that are generally quite dissatisfied with their own lives and feel the need to bitch about everyone elses as they feel it bring them onto an even keel.
  3. He can't be a proper bloke. The other two must have brain washed him or something.

  4. It's normally bored and horriblepeople, but there is a responsibility on organisations to set it's own policies and procedures, which should include boundaries - if the gossip is offensive, it is everyone's responsibility to challenge offensive behaviour, whether against you or another.

    It can be said, "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem" If you dont challenge them, they will keep on doing it. If you do challenge and they continue, pass it up the line for a grown up to challenge them.

    All that dribble said, it will still happen anyway !!
  5. Why not catch each individually and inform them that the other two have been sayig horrible things about them when they weren't around and then sit back and enjoy the show.

    Either that or give them more work to do so they have less time to gab on all the time.

  6. I always work on the pretext that if they are gossiping about me, then at least they are leaving some other poor blighter alone. :)
  7. Best sugestion so far, award that man a wooden spoon so he can keep stirring the shti
  8. Gossip is supposed to be good for the soul,but usually involves arseholes talking about things they know very little about.
    It can in some circumstances ruin lives and relationships.
  9. Caught out by Slim. It was too good to last. Bloody funny though.

    Seriously? I bloody hate gossips. They're good for feck all ... Oxygen Thiefs. I'd rather have a conversation about happening on the soaps ... and I hate them too (except the one with all the babes in it).

  10. I think offices are just like that - unless you work within a crew/forces scenario.

    In my job just now, vessel crew sit/work in one office - everyone helps each other out, great jokes, stupidity, look after each other etc.

    Downstairs is the engineering/project office - no jokes, silence, everyone drips and drains out about each other and try and score points to climb up the greasy pole. Give them a problem and it is always somebody elses job!

    Sorry, just life!


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