Gosport Ferry - Free Travel 2 Nov

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by TattooDog, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. For those who use the Gosport Ferry or drive round using the M27 Motorway of Death to/from Gosport & Portsmouth.

    On Fri 2 Nov, as part of "Alternative Commute Day", the Gosport Ferry will be free during the following hours:

    0530 to 0930
    1530 to 1800

    Note that I'm not jumping on the Green bandwagon, I'm just keen to see people get a free trip courtesy of the Gosport Ferry Company; all £1-80 worth.

    I think I'll take the day as leave and just go backwards and forwards for those hours. :muhaha:

    Although they'll probably make up for any losses by raising the prices next year.
  2. Is there still an issue with the landing pontoon on the Gosport side TD ??
    I seem to remember reading something about it being condemned and would cost zillions to put right.
  3. Haven't heard anything recently - I think they came to an arrangement when both sides realised how much they would lose!
  4. Cheers TD :thumright:
  5. The local paper was full of how it was going to cost three millon to fix etc etc but if you ask the ferry crew, "Is the ferry going to stop running", they say they don't think so.

    Having said that their management are probably keeping them in the dark too ...
  6. The Grot sport side is a shite hole, smells of piss and is used by trampy types to kip out of the Grotsportscum bags roaming the streets.

    Ps did you hear about that shit who pissed on a dying woman (?) and got it filmed on a mobile!? Jaile i believe.... ohh how i'd love to educate him in a quiet alley about the error of his ways.
  7. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Compare, if you will ...



  8. In the days when pubs shut for siesta I remember going back and forth on the Isle of Wight ferry because it had a bar, and, sold very good beer.
    It wasn't free though even when in fog it hit the pier at Ryde, the buggers still took our money!
  9. Realistically they couldn't close the ferry down for any period of time. The roads in and out of Fareham and Portsmouth just couldn't cope with the pressure of so much additional traffic that would result. It can only just about cope as it is!!

    The free fare scheme is an interesting one and very timely. If the local politicians in the whole area were serious about being green and supporting public transport over private - they would do something about the costs and reliability of the bus services.

  10. cost me £2.20 when i was there. robbing bastards!

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