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Gosport faces total gridlock!

oh good grief- getting out of gosport NOW is bad enough- if this happens - bloody hell!!!

"Gosport ferry crisis over £2m repairs
A MASSIVE £2m must be found within a year or the Gosport to Portsmouth ferry will be forced to closed, according to worried Gosport councillors.
They fear the town faces total gridlock unless the cash is found to fix up the decaying council-owned ferry pontoon, which is within 12 months of being declared unsafe.

The situation has become so desperate that yesterday councillors from Fareham and Gosport formed a 10-strong cross-party group to pressure Hampshire County Council to provide funds. They will meet with county bosses soon to press their case.

If the cash can't be found, it could be the end for the service which carries more than one million passengers a year.

Gosport Tory Councillor Peter Edgar said: 'It would have a disastrous effect on the economy in the area and would have a massive impact on the quality of life for everyone working in the area if the pontoon closed.'

Hampshire's transport chief has warned that he will not be shelling out for a new pontoon, despite recently agreeing to replace one near Southampton.

Councillor Mel Kendal told The News there were 'different circumstances', but said when the lease was up in 18 years time the problem would be looked at again.
Last Updated: 21 February 2007 Portsmouth Evening News"
brazenhussy said:
They fear the town faces total gridlock

So, nothing new there!

I suppose I could fit my bike with paddles and floats?

Seriously though, perhaps this is something that council money could be spent on that would actually be of benefit to the whole community, rather than the usual "Guardianista outreach-type services", and Fareham councillors voting themselves a big fat pay rise!

Hopefully, I'll be outta this part of the country in the next 18 months anyway!


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They cannot possibly stop running the Gosport ferry. How are wafu's going to get their sea time in?


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Lingyai said:
They would never allow this level of incompetence in Torpoint... :wink:

Mute point, as the Torpoint Ferry is chain-linked and runs onto a slipway, not a floating pontoon jetty... :roll:
The PAS service that the RMAS used to run stopped long ago, I believe. Theoretically, though, Serco could be tasked to provide transport for Naval Base staff but there would be a cost and another drain on the Base budget.
Funnily enough, there is a PAS boat service between the dockyard and Fort Blockhouse. It's only for those who are still accommodated over in FB, but I don't see why it can't be run for all.

They could also introduce one from FB over to Whale Island!
Passed-over_Loggie said:
The PAS service that the RMAS used to run stopped long ago, I believe. Theoretically, though, Serco could be tasked to provide transport for Naval Base staff but there would be a cost and another drain on the Base budget.
The PAS boat still runs from Block House (ex-Dolphin) to the yard - but it's not for Jack. Strawbs only.
Dunno why.
Ah, but then Gosport and Fareham Councils wouldn't have an excuse to hike Council Tax, and the Gosport Ferry Company would protest as it would lose it's monopoly and wouldn't be able to charge as much.


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Furthermore, I recall the Gosport Ferry now being a privately-owned company - surely they alone are responsible for the maintenance and repair of their property (including the ferries, pontoons, etc.) rather than relying on council subsidies?


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But if a tunnel was built where would the Immigration Office be?

If they had a tunnel 'farsands' of Gosportians would swamp out lands, taking our jobs or scrounging off benefits, shagging our women, causing chaos and anarchy on the streets, not speaking the same language as the rest of us, wearing funny clothes, breeding into our culture and collective consciousness...



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The Gosport Ferry is owned by the Falkland Islands Trading Company so they will not cough up for any repairs if there is public money available
The council are too busy having a pissing up the wall competition to achieve anything constructive for the town.
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