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Gorila Goes Ape


War Hero
Its a beautifull spring morining
Aman and his wife are spending the day at a zoo..She is wearing a pink strappy dress,hes got a t shirt and jeans.
As they walk through the Ape exhibit they pass in front of the Gorila cage,, the gorila jumps to the bars and grunts and pounds his chestin excitement.
The husband thinks this is funny and sugests that his wife tease the poor gorila some more.
She puckers up her lips, wiggles her bottum, and dose a dance.
The gorila goes ape(no pun intended)..The husband says lift up your dress and show him your thighs, th which the gorila trys t get thro the bars.
The husband then grabes his wife and shoves her in the cage...saying .Now Tell Him You Have Headache

not by me but by .a.none a mouse!!!

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