Gorgeous George is back

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Mar 30, 2012.

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  1. George Galloway has said his surprise victory in the Bradford West by-election showed the "alienation" of voters from the main political parties.
    The Respect Party politician said his win also reflected concerns about jobs and the economy - and was not just based on the support of Muslim voters.
    Labour's Ed Miliband said the loss of the seat was "incredibly disappointing"

    BBC News

    Love him or hate him I can never forget the superb way that he turned the tables on the US Senators over Iraq and listening to his acceptance speech I find that I cannot disagree with anything that he said.

    Acceptance speech link The Telegraph.
  2. Gorgeous George is a self publicising cock.
    And to think we now have to give him in the region of £100k pa.
  3. It's called democracy........ there a many more 'cocks' in the Wesminster village that are bleeding us dry !
  4. And your reasons for thinking him a cock are?
  5. The mans a ********. No... Sorry That would be giving him a recommend.
    he did look rather as described whilst wearing a pink leotard and acting as a cat in the Orwelian House.
  6. "giving him a recommend"?
    That he's short, opinianated and offensive doesn't make him a ********.
    He is, intellectually, light years away from that adjective
  7. I just wonder if any of you who seem to dislike George found anything in his acceptence speech that you disagree with?
  8. Lets see, cuddling Gaddafi,
    cuddling Saddam,
    cuddling Hamas leaders,
    cuddling convicted terrorists,
    that Big Brother malarky.

    If you judge a man by the friends he keeps, i think its fair to say GG is a cock.
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  9. Calling it the "Bradford Spring" and comparing it to the Middle East/North Africa uprisings is a tadge pretentious don't you think.

    I see him as a vain publicity seeking buffoon who'll do anything for air time, whether he's intelligent or not.
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  10. Yes he delivered it!
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  11. So you agree with what he said, you just don't like him?

    I look forward with eager anticipation to him taking up his seat in the H of C; I have no doubt that he will provide some highly entertaining orating and berating.

    As for being a buffoon I doubt that, he is a very clever shrewd politician who can deliver fantastic rousing speeches.
  12. As he said he met Saddam the same amount of times as Rumsfeld, the difference being that he was not there so sell him weapons.
  13. You mean the CIA were involved in Bradford as well ...?
  14. Finks, I neither agree or disagree with the prat. He is a born politician and as as such is no better than a benefit fraudster. Both are out to screw the system for their own benefit....only politicians openly lie to get what they want. I have found out that it pays to listen to ones own counsel
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  15. I also distrust the vast majority of politicians, however to see this combative charismatic Scot who can devastate his opponents in an argument take up his place in the H of C should be a sight to behold.
  16. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm not a fan of Galloway (or any politico) if i'm honest but all due respect to the geezer, he made those yank Senators look like complete twats. He ran rings around them. That was a thing of beauty.
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  17. Sadly, a village somewhere is missing an idiot.
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  18. If you watch this you will see that he is a long way off from being an idiot.

  19. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I dont know, there's something of the night about the man.
  20. You're quite right, he's already there.
    You're not his agent by any chance?

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