Gordon's Fury

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by asst_dep_to_dep_asst, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. To be fair to the President, the fact that we opted to invade Iraq, took our proverbial eye off the Osama ball and weakened our ability to fulfil our original mission is at least partly responsible for the present tragedy unfolding again in that country. The invasion and occupation of Iraq has also fostered more support for the Taleban from the Muslim Uelema. Not that latter should have suprised HMG. They were warned often enough that removing the secular Ba'ath Party would unleash the religious fanatics.... and so it has come to pass. The same fate awaits us if we topple the Ba'athists in Syria.
  2. That may be so thingy, but maybe it's time to tell em to shove it up their proverbial.
    Who cares about Afanistan, who cares that they export drugs, let the drugies die from their stupid habit, not the soldiers doing their best.
  3. I’ve just been watching a heartbreaking tour round Hedley Court on the BBC news. Brown often mentions how much we owe our Servicemen whilst, at the same time, Hedley Court relies on charity to build a swimming pool.

    I also hear that Brown wants to delete the Britannia icon from our coins, and it may well be true that Britannia no longer rules the waves but, with the recent donation scandals, she certainly knows how to waive the rules.

  4. A lot of people are donating to such worthy causes as "Hope for Heroes" and a swimming pool for Headley Court is among the proposed projects, but, before anything like this can be built, it will have to be approved by planners and all those other good things that go on in British life, especially the Surrey Nimbyland.

    There is a piece of real estate languishing in the Borough of Gosport that would be an ideal alternative to HC for the headquarters of Service Rehabilitation, that has the added advantage of being a fully-fledged hospital (which HC is not) - Haslar, of course!. There is also a full, Olympic-size swimming pool already in existence in Service ownership at HMS Collingwood, an easy bus ride away, where Service patients would never be treated with the indifference shown by those morons in Leatherhead.

    We need to rationalise what we already own in order to better serve our injured Sevice colleagues and building new for the sake of it is not the answer. The lads that are being treated at HC have to go elsewhere for surgical treatment, so why not keep Haslar on in a different role, but collocate appropriate Service orthopaedic and plastic surgery on the same site?
  5. The M O D, which is full of pen pushers and bean counters, cannot see it would be easier to keep Haslar open. The chance to sell it off and pocket a few bob is more important as is selling off Daedulus (sorry if I spelt it wrong), for housing immigrants. The immigrants could have been housed in that high rise block on the Rowner estate. :toilet: :dwarf:
  6. Can you expect sense from a man who wears a hat like that?
  7. think you need to put your specs on, Browns not wearing a hat!
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Is it me or is Clint Eastwood the only person that can make them poncho/shoulder wrap things look cool?
  9. Bloody good idea. Which of course means that it will never happen!
  10. That's an extremely good idea and one which should be put to Government .

    On a slightly different point - it seems nothing short of ridiculous that Peter Hain should need to raise over £100,000 from donations to fight an internal party office election when charitable donations from members of the public are needed to properly equip an establishment rehabilitating injured service personnel. Apart from anything else what on earth was that sort of money spent on? Did no-one in the Labour Party know who he was before the election?
  11. 10/10 for observation.

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