Gordon's buggered then!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Oil_Slick, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. All he has to do is drop over to the Palace and say "Sorry Mrs Queen, I have made a bollox of the nation,can I go home now?"
  2. and the chances of that happening are? yea, virtually non existant - pity that.
  3. Wrong word used there, who in their right mind would want to bugger that fat slob.
  4. Ron Jeremy?

  5. Well, there's a malicious ruour that him and Mandie had a thing back in the day…

    Allegedly. 8)
  6. Well Mervyn King has p**sed on Browns chips.

  7. I wonder which one went behind ..... well, actually I don't really care, but thought I'd "say" it anyway.
  8. I can assure you they did have me anywhere near them. I was hunting for golden rivet but didn't manage to locate her. Where is she? :?
  9. Bless him.
  10. He's an MEP; so who will care what he thinks?
  11. Seems the whole world as he's been on the TV the world over for that spectacular put down of the One Eyed Scottish Idiot
  12. Rather suspect Gordon's been buggered on many occasions, maybe even recently....
  13. To 4to8: I agree Ron's the man....he'll fcuk anything with a pulse - or not...
  14. MMMmmmm! now I wonder who could do better?
  15. "MMMmmmm! now I wonder who could do better?"
    Any of my my Grand kids. :roll:
  16. So I said to the Prime Minister.....



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