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Gordon loses even more support


War Hero
That Michelle is worth a squirt

and just to keep on topic it doesn't surprise me, I'm just wondering when the general election will be held.
wet_blobby said:
Maxi my good man, is it slowly dawning on you that your MP is a cnut?

Came to me in a bliding flash some time ago over a glass of delicately chilled Buckie.

Fortuneately I can say I didn't vote for him, and most certaily wont when the next election comes around, and I suspect that Mr Brown has guessed this after my 2 recent e-mails.


War Hero
Thing is who do we really vote for when the time comes. Cons are as bad as Labour, Lib dems aren't going to get in anyways.

If I had to vote now. I wouldn't want either Cons or Labour in charge, but if I don't vote I can't complain

Deleted 493

tommo said:
Thing is who do we really vote for when the time comes. Cons are as bad as Labour, Lib dems aren't going to get in anyways.

If I had to vote now. I wouldn't want either Cons or Labour in charge, but if I don't vote I can't complain

Well done. This is the 'democracy' we protect, don't forget. Bland, uninspiring and centred firmly along the capitalist ley-lines that favours big business and exploitation. If you were faced with a choice, and your families' life and future depended upon you selecting the right answer, and that answer was definately not 'a', yet the three choices were 'a', 'a' and 'a', then you'd be certainly looking round at the ref, wouldn't you?

Next time some bell-end stands at a podium extolling the virtues of 'democracy', make sure his definition equates with what you would expect from 'democracy'.

Passed-over_Loggie said:
A Thread with such a title should be a source of much good news. Balanced against this, though, I’m not so sure:

From The Times
April 27, 2009

Defence no longer a no-go area for cuts, says George Osborne

PoL I'm afraid Gordon and his chums have not only emptied the bank, but motgaged us up to the hilt, just to please their late mates in the banking industry. As a result we are all going to find life hard for a good few years to come. Unlike many I remeber the pain of clawing back from the Labour induced winter of discontent. Osborne would be a fool at this stage to suggest that any are was 'no go'. The reality is you may well see the defnce budget risinf as a share of the GDP whilst falling in real terms. We is bust, broke boracic.


This isn't a case of who to vote in, it is more serious and is a case of who to vote out. We will have to take the only option there seems to be and not waste our vote. I can't stand this bastard government in any longer.

As far as I can see there is only one party that can take them down so my vote will be given to them and I will put all personal or political views of Cameron to one side.

The Times is just speculating as all the other papers do. Yes they are probably making a list of expenses, but it don't mean they will cut everything or anything on that list.
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