Gordon Brown to announce Iraq war enquiry (Your Views)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. Gordon Brown will this week announce an inquiry into the Iraq War as he pushes ahead with his fightback after surviving a coup attempt by restive MPs.

    Sources confirmed that the move was expected in a statement to Parliament over the course of the week.

    But already controversy was mounting over reports that it will be held behind closed doors.

    My views are that it will be a whitewash just like the Hutton enquiry and that it's a cynical ploy to to convince us that he is listening to the people.
  2. ... and it will be carefully worded such that anyone named by the report does not have their present or future reward as a board member of a large defence contractor jeopardised.
  3. Fully agree with you Fink He has never listened to what the public wants but has instead blundered along doing what HE INSISTS the public wants. This is more about him trying to survive as Labour leader & PM than any real desire for a public enquiry.
  4. We are never going to be told the truth over the decision to go to war in Iraq as long as the people who took that decision are alive.All the pertinent paperwork will have been "lost" or destroyed.Brown was privvy to everything that went on so he would never instigate something that may show him in a bad light.All that will happen is millions of pounds of taxpayers money will be wasted on a report that will tell us nothing new.
  5. As a member of the cabinet at the time he knows full well what went on. The only thing I'm interested in seeing is who he stitches up to save his own skin. I'm not taking any bets that he'll say it was nothing to do with him.

    edited for spooling mistakes
  6. It will be the same excuse as the Expenses Affairs.All a terribly unfortunate mistake and we are so sorry!And isnt it terrible that the BNP got so many votes,what shall we do about them?

    ******* shoulder sloping wanqqers!
  7. He may well attempt to cover up his involvement in the catastrophe that was the invasion of Iraq but it won't wash.
  8. Very sensible too. 'It' has never ever been his fault.

    I wonder what the brat was like as a kid, (in a stupid accent) "it wasn't me sir, Jimmy Bean done it.
  9. BBC News Today:

    The inquiry will cover July 2001 to July 2009 and be chaired by Sir John Chilcot, Mr Brown told MPs.

    It will begin work next month and take at least a year, Mr Brown said. Its aim will be to identify "lessons learned" and not to "apportion blame", he said.

    I thought he would pull the national security card to keep the enquiry private but it's the bit that states no blame will be apportioned that gets me reaching for the vomit bag.
  10. All entirely predictable.Held in secret.No blame to be apportioned.Will not report until after the next General Election whenever it is.Why bother :?:
  11. Psstttt it was all Bliar and Shrubs fault. The man at No11 was given duff gen and fell for it hook line and sinker.... er was busy dealing with the economy which hadn't imploded yet...er but he was terribly busy. Honest.

    That will be the summary.
  12. Short advance precis of the report.

    "It was a big boy that did it and he ran away"

    Lessons learnt

    "Try to stab big boy in the back before he runs away"

    Really who does Brown think he will fool by this, does he really have so much contempt for the electorate to think they will be conned by this secret enquiry
  13. Would anyone still be surprised if the report is a whitewash? Politicians are less than keen to highlight their failings and apologise to the general public! We (the public) do not feature in the descion making process of these people at any stage.

    If they do get caught with their pants down or their hand in the till (or having taken a country to war for financial gain) a kindly publicist will come along and tell them what to say to placate the general public. Foolishly we believe them and their false promises every time and when the next self serving political spaz comes along we believe them too!

    Perhaps it's time that these people were selected on the basis of a proven track record of honesty over a large period of years?

    We could start with Nozzer politicians and after at least three reporting periods and the succesfull completion of a task book they could be allowed to progress to a career course allowing them to assist a serving politician. Eventually after around fifteen years service they could be promoted to MP.
    I know it's farcical but surely a person who takes up politics as a lifetime vocation is better than a clown who wishes to further his/her property portfolio at the public expense!!
  14. Was reading Telegraph earlier, one of the letters claims that both of the historians picked to conduct the enquiry are both Pro the war,

    If this is true it's hardly an independant enquiry and will definitely be a whitewash.

    As the saying goes "history is written by the victors".
  15. I'll believe it when I see Blair sitting down and telling us why.We won't see it but it may leak out.
    I had no complaints about removing and hanging Saddam but there was a lot of deceit and no forward planning to fill the void left.
    Apart from the sheer courage and standard set by our Armed Forces I would say the rest was not our finest hour in diplomacy and Mid East understanding.
    Hope there is solution in Affiestan,don't think I'd like to see a drawn out conflict with a steady drip of losses.
    Buying the poppy harvest seems to best way to me,it will only leave the hardline reigious fanatics to deal with,but what do I know?
  16. Sir John Chilcot will head the enquiry; what a safe pair of hands. Entirely reliable and poses no threat whatsoever to Britain's little gang of war-criminals.

    The timing; impeccable, gives Golden Broone a chance to show solidarity with the great unwashed whilst running out the clock until after the next General Election.

    The Terms of Reference; entirely expected. Held in camera. No blame apportioned and the 'Great and the Good' wriggle free:-

    Anthony Charles Lynton Bliar
    Sir John Scarlett
    Alastair Campbell
    Sir Richard Dearlove
    Jack Straw
    Buff Hoon
    Lord Goldsmith
    Jonathan Powell
    Sally Morgan
    Admiral Sir Michael Boyce
    Tam Pearce et al

    - won't even need to mount the Nuremberg defence.

    Happy Trails :thumbright:

  17. What is Mike Boyce supposed to be guilty of - didn't he make the politicos put their necks on the line and specifically state that UK Armed Forces were carrying out a legal act?

  18. Obeying orders was the Nuremberg Defence and it didn't work in 1945 either. Baron Boyce is a shrewd and clever man and he realised very early on that the invasion of Iraq was illegal. The cover your arse exercise that he mounted will not count for much with the ICC and he will sink or swim with the rest of them; he has already threatened to take Bliar and Goldsmith down with him if he is prosecuted. The British establishment of which Boyce is a fixture cannot afford to have an impartial or external enquiry into the Iraq War hence the stage-managed charade that is in the offing.


    From The Independent:-

    You may recall that in the year before the invasion the British Attorney General, Lord Peter Goldsmith, had warned repeatedly that there was no legal basis under international law for invading Iraq (as at the Downing Street Memo meeting of July 23, 2002). Even if Blair shrugged these warnings off, the British military became increasingly alarmed that they might be ordered to commit a crime of war. The Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral Michael Boyce, finally demanded that Goldsmith give a clear ruling on the question of legality.

    The man who led the Armed Forces into Iraq expected that the Prime Minister and the Attorney General would have joined him in the dock if he had been prosecuted for war crimes, it emerged yesterday.

    Lord Boyce, who as Adml Sir Michael Boyce was the Chief of the Defence Staff in 2003, apparently feared that he might be convicted by the recently-established International Criminal Court in The Hague.

    "If my soldiers went to jail and I did, some other people would go with me," he told The Observer yesterday.

    Pressed on whether he was referring to Tony Blair and Lord Goldsmith, Lord Boyce replied: "Too bloody right."...

    Interviewed by the Sunday newspaper, Lord Boyce said: "I wanted to make sure that we had this anchor which has been signed by the Government law officer. . . It may not stop us from being charged but, by God, it would make sure other people were brought into the frame as well."

  19. God it pisses me right off !! When will these people realise they DO NOT speak for the general public? As previously quoted the commision "will begin work next month and take at least a year, Mr Brown said. Its aim will be to identify "lessons learned" and not to "apportion blame", he said."
    THERE IS BLAME!!! When will these pussies wake up and realise that they lost all credability years ago when Mr Blair committed us? He is even more guilty that the F%wit Brown
    Sorry End rant :)
  20. It would be very much in the British Military's interest for any enquiry to be public. The British Government is rotten to the core and hopefully an open enquiry would prevent Anthony Bliar from becoming President of the EU, which he is openly positioning himself for:-



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