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Gordon Brown not Popular Candidate IMF


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It's not just Britain who won't back him. The Swedish Finance Minister (he with the ear-ring and pony tail - tsk, tsk, tsk, falling standards, harumph) also pointed out that he would lack credibility telling other nations to exercise financial discipline over Government spending given his track record - must qualify as the understatement of the decade!
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It would be interesting, if he was leader, to see who he would borrow money from for the IMF after he had bankrupted them.


Let us not forget that The Appeal of Conscience Foundation awarded the title of World Statesman of the Year to Gordon for his intellectual and compassionate leadership during the global financial crisis.


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Let us not forget that The Appeal of Conscience Foundation awarded the title of World Statesman of the Year to Gordon for his intellectual and compassionate leadership during the global financial crisis.
Is that the one thats affiliated to the 'Flat Earth Society'?


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Sounds like chinese architectural group I know. They are very conscious of their :shock:


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To even think that he was in with a chance just shows what a deluded non-accountancy trained man he is.


Hirsutism - NHS Choices Sorry Finks couldn't resist, however I have pasted the NHS description of hirsutism, incase either you or any of your New Liebour friends fancy a frontal Lobotomy. :-D

Good on ya and just for clarification purposes new labour or any other politician for that matter are no friends of mine and FL's have now been replaced with mind altering drugs in case you were not aware.

Anyway what's a vowel between friends.
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Back to the heading: 'Gordon Brown not Popular Candidate IMF'

Delete all after the first four words then all at RR will nod wisely and we can safely close this thread.
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