Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by flatscrubber, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. I'm sorry but i'm sick to the back teeth of Gordon the Broon.
    Its nothing but ridiculous eye catching statements which he has no hope of following up and the fawning media coveridge on both the BBC and ITV which portray the ******** as a fantastic and fresh PM after Blair...
    God help Britain as he's seven points ahead of the opposition in the latest opinion polls.
    What does the Rum Ration Community think of this utter Prick as a PM???
  2. kiss my shiny metal ass !
  3. Better than the last one at least!
  4. Don't believe a word he says , he did a good job of destroying the pension industry , :tp:
  5. Bit early to judge him yet - 2 weeks in the job ? Let's give him until Xmas before we start slagging him off.......
  6. Agree give the man a chance - but on present form he ain't done a lot - talkes about it but...... Killing of the Pension Industry - OK but wan't he under B. Liar's command then? lets see what he does abour restoring faith (but don't hold yer breath, if you do you probably won't get to need your pension)
  7. Bring back William Hague a wonderful orator
  8. I blame Brown for the pensions debacle. This is the man, after all, who in his last budget earlier this year abolished the lower income tax rate so that when the new tax rates come into force next year, a person earning £15K will pay higher taxes whilst someone earning £30K will actually pay less income tax! Some perversion of the Christianity he espouses: taxing the poor to subsidise the rich!

    Come back Robin Hood, your services are needed!

    No Morsey! William Hague oratorship earns him almost double his basic salary as an MP (currently £60,277)* He needs to spend more time serving his employer: his constituents, rather than earning money from after dinner speeches, IMHO.

    * http://www.parliament.uk/documents/upload/HofCpsapQG.pdf
  9. I don't think Gordon Stalin will ever be happy until he takes all our money in taxes, and gives us back pocket money every Saturday morning.

    No mismusters, either!
  10. He's shafted us for years as Chancellor - same shit, with a new title on a different day.
  11. Here we go the usual suspects, I love it. :lol:
  12. That doesn't say a lot for the bloke does it mate?

    What about the, 'He loves Bush, he loves him not' bollocks we've been subjected to over the weekend? And as for commander-in-chief clever dick, arselick, Milli-boy, he's the sort of kid everyone loved to hate at school. You know what I mean? He's got the kind of, 'I'm right up the headmaster's arse - head prefect' grid that any red blooded male would never tire of punching! :threaten:
  13. I want to see our lads home safe from the Middle East. Tony Tuppence couldn't do it. So Gordon do your best...!!!
  14. If Gordon brings our guys back from Iraq and Afghanistan then I will vote Labour at the next general election. Something that I have not done for a long time.
  15. Well woudn't you just be voting for the party which sent our Forces to the Mid East and Afghanistan in the first place.
    And didn't Brown vote for the Iraq war as well!!
  16. Things change.
  17. How about - "hands up who hates Gordie cause he's a jock?" :thumright:
  18. No finknottle, in your case things don't change. You are still the epitome of "A pinched and WHINING breed with a calamatous desire to drink themselves into oblivion" [Oscar Wilde on the Scots]
  19. :toilet: (How about - "hands up who hates Gordie cause he's a jock?")
    I'm with you big fella, too many Jocks in power down here, same old rant but it needs squaring up, even Tony Bliar had Jock links didn't he ? Brown is Labour through and through, beer and meat pies comrades, watch your back is all I would say .......................... best thing he could do right now is to call a General Election. HB
  20. You'll all be eating our haggis before you know it, don't fight it, be brave!

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