Gordon Brown denies claims he mistreated staff

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Passed-over_Loggie, Feb 21, 2010.

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  1. Nasty Mr Brown

    BBC News - Gordon Brown denies claims he mistreated staff

    Bugger! He might be human.
  2. Surely if the article is without merit and full of lies as no.10 is claiming I would have thought the sensible response would be to sue the Observer for libel. I know I would if a newspaper article alleged that I had bullied those working under me and hinted at possible physical violence on my part.
  3. The Eton cabal and their supporters must be desperate if this is the best they can do.
  4. Since whens the Observer been part of the Tory machine, far as I'm aware its a sister paper of the Guardian (clearly another Tory bastion). I also enjoyed Brown on the Channel 4 news (more Tory propaganda obviously) denying that he'd ever hit anyone even though it then turned out that the worse the book was accusing him of was grabbing a guy by his jacket, which made him look all the more paranoid and insecure. Waiting for when Sarah Brown 'walks into a door'. :twisted:
  5. The 'Eton cabal' don't have to do anything.... cyclops is in a hole..... and he just keeps digging.. being ably assisted by that other unelected [email protected]
  6. I don't know about yours but in my country we do not elect the Prime Minister.
  7. I know.... and we get what we deserve :x
  8. All we could have all sh!ts and giggles of PR with incredibly weak governments giving far too much power to fringe parties eg Italy. In this country it would mean (based on the 2005 general election results) that the BNP would have had five MPs elected which I'm sure we can all agree would have been a great day for British democracy. :roll:
  9. Just saw this on the BBC website.
    Get ready for yet another fantastic Gordon Brown u-turn where he tearfully admits that, yes actually he did bully his staff but its some how Tony Blair's fault.
  10. Is there a bandwagon passing?
  11. Whilst in danger of repeating myself..... he's in a hole..... and he's doing the digging. Any bandwagon is being fuelled by his actions/deeds.
  12. No your right I'm clearly been swept up in the hysteria and have forgotten all the great work Gordon's done at the helm of our economy for the last 13 years. After all he ended boom and bust don't you know.
    Or is he in fact an incredibly insecure, small dicked, always picked last for football, fcuking cnut who has (ably assisted by Blair, Mandelson, Hain, Reid, Blears, Harman and Prescott) managed to make this country poorer than Greece for the love of Christ whilst also being a bullying twat. The saddest thing about this whole affair is that none of his staff held their ground and laid out the bastard, career suicide or not.
    And yes while I'd politically associate myself most with the Tories I'm no fanatic and find David Cameron as appealling a Prime Minister as Gerry Adams. This isn't political I just find Gordon Brown to be a completely insincere, lying, cowardly, power hungry bag of shite. And so yes I am enjoying watching his actions come back and bit him on the arse.
  13. I take it you don't like him then ?
  15. I can take him or leave him. :lol:
  16. No wonder you're fcuking angry !
  17. If we're talking political bullying, Brown is nothing......Chile, USSR, Germany, North Korea all sport undesirables and even great leaders such as Churchill were known to be hell on earth at times....country leaders, lovelies, also need to sport some pretty pungent traits to get where they are. Goes with the territory and (cough) salaries......
    If you can't chop a chilli, stay out of the kitchen.
  18. Link

    This may not be that far from the mark!
  19. :thumbright: Thanks for that, cheered me up no end on my first day back at work ( :( )
  20. Quite right; if Gordon can’t chop the chilli without going bersyquack when things don’t go his way, then he should stay out of the kitchen.

    Hopefully the electorate will lock him out of the kitchen in May.

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