Gorbals Mick Shifting the Blame to Sergeant at Arms

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Lord Martin appointed Jill Pay precisely because, unlike her predecessors, she didn't disagree with him. Her conduct is therefore not altogether suprising. Earlier Serjeants, until recently ex-Forces commissioned officers, would have had no qualms saying boo to the police. Of course, as an official, like Andrew Walker, she cannot put her side to the media and would be unlikely to face questioning from the committe which would cast a former Member in poor light. It would, after all, establish a precident. :roll:
  2. As ever the ex speaker is trying to shift the blame for his misadministration of the office of speaker on to any passer by.
  3. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    It's called 'passing the buck'. Those entering the Houses of Parliament have to have passed the exams in the art of. Some are better at it than others. Was it Eisenhower who said 'the buck stops here'? A pity that our leaders don't adopt this phrase.
  4. Harry S Truman.

    I think Martin doth protest too much. He got off light and really should stop digging.
  5. Gorbals Mick ... Pincher Martin.... still the same sloping shouldered barsteward !
  6. That weasel is a bloody disgrace and he is still lining his pockets with taxpayers money Lord Martin my arse, bloody anachronism. :evil:
  7. I find it totally unbelievable that Martin did not know of this raid beforehand.The mere fact that he had suddenly found something more important to do in Glasgow at the time suggests he was trying to distance himself if the manure hit the ventilation.He knew damn well that Gordon Brown was getting irritated by leaks to the Tories and would not have stood in the way of anthing that would put a stop to them.Him acting like an ingenue saying I thought it was to do with terrorism also does not wash.It would seem we will never get the Serjeant At Arms version of events,probably just as well for ex Speaker Martin.
    He should remember the old maxim "you cannot delegate resposibility".

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