Google your username - with apologies to ARRSE

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by _Artemis_, May 30, 2007.

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  1. It's a blatant steal from E-layer's Arrse thread, for which I apologise, but it's a cracking idea:

    Put your username into Google images, and post the first result you get.

    Mine is really quite alarming and most unlike me:
  2. They copied it from us. We did this ages ago. I think the thread originated from Hig.

    However I'm pleased to report that there are 27,000,000 references to AAC on the Google web and 2,510,000 piccies, including this one...


    This one...


    And this one...

  3. Suprise suprise, it's a giant photo of Alizee on RumratioN.

    I was kinda hoping for Nazi marine engineers.

    She'll do though. :tongue1:
  4. I have my own Website and fan base!!

    :money: :money: :money: :money:
  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I get a page of RR avatars with mine at the top!
  6. I get my RR profile! Disappointing
  7. Boring, all I got was this!

    But then if I use my rearparty ID, I get this;

  8. My RR profile at the top of the list
  9. My picture was a gravestone with my name on, do you think the internet is trying to tell me something?
  10. got some student website about who they would or wouldnt do in some virtual knocking shed
  11. I just got my current one
  12. Strictly RR... :whew:
  13. Your search - Harry_off_the_Hermes - did not match any documents.
  14. i got lots of RR avatars.... all except mine........
  15. No surprises here.

  16. Neoimperialism!?!? WTF

  17. Mine came up with a Michael Connelly fan site, so no surprises there. Slightly miffed I googled my oppos, Nutty Bag and Wet Blobby. Here's Nutty Bags' 'Bumble Bar':

    A shame it didn't say 'Bimble', a word oft used by booties.

    Wet Blobby's was more worrying. Apparently he is a known pony crusher who goes under the name of 'Fruitcake Relocated'. Most apposite :thumright:

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