Google Privacy Opt Out

Google users may have noticed that Google is making a note of the number of times you search a specific site.
The intention being to aim appropriate Adverts' at you.

Personally, I do not want Google to know how many times I visit pornonthelawndotcom,
and have found that this link appears to do the trick.

Opt Out Plugin



War Hero
I wouldn't worry too much about Google tracking your browsing habits, as of 6th April the Govt and EU Law require your ISP to record every website you visit and every e-mail you send and keep them available for a year in order that any Civil Servant with the word "manager" in their job title can demand to have a peek in the name of fly tipping, terrorism or "other less serious crimes":

"Details of every email sent and website visited by people in Britain are to be stored for use by the state from tomorrow as part of what campaigners claim is a massive assault on privacy. " Telegraph Link
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