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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by capt-ahab, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. Talk about this on the other forum- seen anything particularly impressive?

    There's certainly a good view of Guz and Pompey etc but this is pretty cool

    32° 9'14.19"N 110°50'17.71"W
  2. Cor Blimey!
    More WAFUs than you can shake a hairy stick at!! :wink:
  3. Blimey! that's fecking dangerous...
    E-mail that pic to the president of Iran :S

    know the co-ordinates for 'playboy mansion' ?
    hehe, Dean #
  4. This WAFU is totally confused with Google Earth - despite Broadband all I get is a green blank screen - I need to get real on this!

  5. Go have a gander at St Petersburg harbour in Russia,some nice old Grey Russian floaty things there and a couple of subs entering or leaving.
  6. Where are the boats? I cannae see them!

    PS check this out - 53 32 18.89N 1 20 48.68W
  7. Hey, Cap,
    You must work for someone seriously 'spooky' to have spotted that! 8)
  8. 59.91717003219631N, 30.27591456277758E

    I think that's a submarine.

    62N 141W is somewhat interesting as well.
  9. I'm not quite sure how it's been written - hay bails (sp?) or something?

    Does it say Eddie or something as well? Maybe it was that Art Attack or whatever kids art programme that used to make things that looked cool from the air!

    I was looking for the submarines leaving/entering the base, not ones alongside (no wonder i couldnt spot any!) :)
  10. Try 52 20 10.87N 0 11 43.34W and zoom in.
  11. Try: 30 deg 33 min 10.14 N 47 deg 40 25.14 E
  12. Check these bad boys out!
    lat=69.2178682604, lon=33.3204202108
  13. 56.021961, -3.451007

    Rosyth mothballed boats
  14. 51 degs 58 24.94N - 2 degs 51 59.77W. Now wtf is a blue aircraft doing in deepest darkest airfield.....bit of a giveaway that!
    51 degs 58 24.94N - 2 degs 51 59.77W. A train (2 actually) where there is no station.
    I wonder what goes on here. Bang bang.....Bang bang....Bang bang...bang Bang!!!!
    Answers on a post card please.....but don't tell 'em where you got the lat and long from..............these guys don't knock on doors to come in!

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