google earth blocked in Morocco

have just been listening to radio4 and a fascinating account of the decline of traditional storytelling in Marakkesh. Brought back very happy memories of my visit there. Anyway ... the journalist's final comment was that the government had just blocked Google Earth to prevent the population looking down from above on what is inside the vast grounds of the royal palaces.

I don't have access to GE and wondered if anyone who does have access could take a link and see if there is anything interesting going on in Marrakesh ?

Looks fine to me mate, Marrakesh is particularly clear, you can see cars on the street etc, dont know about the palaces, not knowing where they are it's difficult to find them.

Google earth is available as a free download if you want it, just google it and tap in google earth, once you do that I'd recommend having a peek at pearl harbour, you'll see all the sunken ships.

good luck.


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You are correct.There is a big black area over it,but it doesnt cover 100% of the grounds.I'll check on the windows version of Earth and see if its the same.


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You don't need broadband or downloads. You can view the images on
Just search on Marrakech or follow this link:,0.005375&ie=UTF8&oi=georefine&ct=clnk&cd=2

The images are the same but you can't zoom in quite as much as with the Google Earth download.
Zoom in or out by clicking + or - on the right of the screen, or moving the slider up or down between them.
Move north, south, east or west by clicking the arrows above the zoom slider or using the box in the bottom left of the screen and dragging the blue viewing area. You can also just 'grab' the main image by left-clicking it and dragging it around.
Change between maps, imagery or a hybrid version which overlays the map on the photos with the grey buttons at the top right.


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