Google disabled?

I just use the computer for normal things,history,golf,music, this site and a couple of others, no Porn at my age!No banking don't trust the web etc now a message says my Google account has been disabled.
No reason,I asked them why but no reply so I wrote "Feck You! there are plenty others to use"
I've since heard by searching that it was an attempt by hackers but surely I should know who,why?
Why won't Google say?
They won't get anything from my computer.
Just wondered if anyone else has been told the same.
Tried another E-Mail sign up with them just for the hell of it but it's still disabled.
Got good Anti-virus,Malware etc so no hackers should get Google is a wanking company in my eyes and a lot of others on the Google problem page re. this message.
Moved on to Firefox and it's very good so get lost Google.
Anyone know?


I might be able to help but I will need some more info if at all possible.
When do you get this error? Is it when you sign into your Google email account?
If possible could you type the whole error message?
Have you noticed recently that you have had a lot of items in your email “sent box”
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thanks Jlou but it may have cleared itself!First time in 3 weeks it fired up asking some questions so I hope it works.
Firefox will stay as Default but Chrome is faster for searches.
Take no notice of Sgnt P he seems to be in his cups again!
Thanks again.
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