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Hi there,
I don't know if this has been mationed before or if it is just specific to me. I have just started useing Chrome as my default browser instead of firefox. It would seem that the text in the first post of a thread is always missing.



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Is it due to the top of the page missing?

If so you may have a toolbar in your browser that overlaps slightly, just remove it.
I had the issue with Safari when logged out, and I'm guessing my ad-blocker had something to do with it... post content being in the ad frame? The ads don't show when logged in (which is why I finally registered) so the ad-blocker doesn't trigger and remove the post content.

It started within the last few days, and it wasn't until I tried viewing the forums logged out in Chrome (not my primary browser so without ad-blocker) that I noticed a) the ads, and b) the notice saying ads are removed if you log in. Of course none of this is useful to you if the problems persist while logged in, but whitelisting this site might help fellow lurkers.

Edit: Just to be clear, the ads I'm referring to are the ones which appear in the first post on every page and cause that post to have odd scrolling behaviour like it is a frame. None of the other ads have caused issue for me in the past.
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Hi Chaps back home now, still having the same problem but it now seems to be just on the majority of threads but not all of them for some reason.

You will notice that the post has scroll bars but even if you scroll down there is still no text.

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