goodbye P

Just to let thoses who are intrested passed my PO's course this weekend, slightly lower mark than I would have liked, but failed ( and I mean really failed) drill, we were a mixed group of Marines and SCC so kept getting confused when they did somthing we don't!

Have to do a remedail drill course now :oops: :roll: , but still get my crowns :D
Nice one Womps, try not to worry too much about your drill mate, I once ordered "Rest on your arms reverse" to a squad with bayonets fixed!
It all went to a ball of chalk pretty much right then :D ;)


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Well done Womps. Don't worry about the drill, I spent most of my time in Boats, when I came out of the Mob and joined Plod my drill was so good that the drill pig took me to one side and showed me how to put the marching music on the sound system. Sadly from then on I could only watch through the window of the centrally heated room, whilst the rest of the lads had all the fun of doing the marching bit in all weathers.
cheers guys

I just have no co-ordination whats so ever, I can't hear a beat in music, mix my left and right up and dance like a frog in a blender....all in all not drilly material!

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