Goodbye GSS(R), hello AW(FPT)

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by noemis, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. Have we got an identity crisis? Who's fault is it that the RN doesn't understand what we do?

    Above Water (Fleet Protection Team(?)).

    Will they change the badge? (Just for the regalia obsessed!)

    ps Has anyone got Royal Navy slides, July 1st rapidly approaching and I don't want to be out of rig!!
  2. GSSR has suddenly become AWFP (Above Water Force Protection) in my neck of the woods... I hear they might introduce a regular branch badge, with AWFP written on it :roll: oh hear we go again. FFS they'll be putting missiles on stokers' badges next.

    My unit has RN slides in; just 1-4-1 your old slides. But let's not dwell on THAT topic :pukel:
  3. At least this seems to be doing the rounds quickly as I heard this wednesday and confirmed today. Yes we get a new badge, what with having to take my Royal Naval Reserve badge off too i will have to polish up my sewing skills.

    Here's hoping we get Task Books and a career path too.
  4. Well it aligns with the other branch titles, so one might see it as increasing alignment with the regular service.

    And to an extent the GSS(R) name isn't particularly intuitive, did it mean the equivalent of a Seaman Spec, or was it equivalent to one of the Short Engagement Seamen, or was it equivalent to one of the generic seaman branches? (note that these are rhetorical questions)

    Mind you there is still an inference in the title that you're getting a formed team, and as discussions have highlighted recently that's unlikely.

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