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Goodbye cruel sea


War Hero
Goodbye cruel sea, my time is up
I`ve done my nine and three
I’ve had enough of gale force winds
and wobbly angry seas
I’m off to start a new life,
An live without a care.
I `m gonna be a postman.
in Weston-super-Mare

So now I can have all night in,
and no one needs to know.
I get up when I want to,
put on my shoes and go.
Relaxing in the midday sun
I`ll be so happy then,
Cos I`ll be “special dutiesâ€
And working six til ten.

There have been some happy times
I wish there could be more
Them grippo runs all round the world
were brilliant runs ashore.
The Wanchi, Gut and Bugis Street
were favourites haunts of mine,
I seen them all while serving
with the `ole Grey Funnel Line.

I ended up in submarines
The best branch in the mob
where each man is your brother,
and each man knows his job.
With lots of gruelling seatime.
which seemed to never stop.
Yes..I’ve been further underneath
Than manys been on top.

No more now the dockyard leave
and shacking up with friends.
or travelling 200 miles,
to do a short weekend.
Or dodging duty watches
when the boats longside,
and making sure I’m not adrift,
when sailing on the tide.

With no more endless mystery trips
patrolling off the beach
And seeing all the fun ashore
That can be out of reach.
And being tired and wet and cold,
when on watch at night,
where everything’s an effort,
and everything’s a fight,

Goodbye cruel sea, your time is up
It`s time for us to part
Our love affair is over
and you have broke my heart.
Although I gave my all to you,
you never seemed to care,
and so I`m off….with no regrets,
to .. Weston-super-Mare.

Nice one Uncle Albert - couldn't get much further away from a tide than Weston Super Mud could you !

Enjoy being a postie - kick the dog before it gets the chance to bite you.
Not me mate…poem refers to anyone and everyone? coming out of diesel boats in the seventies

With a bit of poetic licence… :roll:

only used Weston cos it fitted...glad you liked it.

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