Goodbye Brazen H...

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by UncleAlbert, May 4, 2008.

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  1. Goodbye Brazen H….

    I hope you still look in and will see this as I just want to wish you a fond farewell… This forum will undoubtedly be the poorer for you leaving…

    I always had total and unquestioning respect for you as you were amongst the first contingent of wrens to be sent to sea and serve alongside Jack ….in this respect you were a trail blazer …you served longer and saw and did more than most on here….also you showed you had exceedingly good taste ..(you married a stoker)

    All those years ago when you joined and went to sea you had to put up with a lot of bigotry from the shellbacks who couldn`t adjust to having wimmin on board…it seems some on here haven’t moved on.

    I wouldn`t have come back for anyone else but I have for you because you’re special…..

    All the best and may all your luck be good……..

  2. Didn't know she had gone , I will miss her as well , trailblazer the right word , RR will miss her , all the best BH .
  3. I though Brazen left ages ago, then returned? Off again, dear me, I'm getting all confused. Best of luck Brazen, and don't forget: look after your stoker: don't forget to oil him daily, grease the parts that go stiff and when necessary loosen him up (when he's gone all tight) with a spanner.
  4. Where has she gone then? To a world without computers?

  5. Who gives a toss
  6. Trailblazer my arrse.
  7. Perhaps if some of the old and bold had to put up with the abuse that she underwent from [email protected]#! who haven't even served in the Navy then you might be a little more understanding, but I doubt it.
    How would you like to be accused of sleeping your way to MODship (I had to, but ****** was gentle with me.) and it wasn't done in a 'JOKEY, ha ha we'll laugh about this later' way either or have the size of your bodily parts discussed by a sad old git who claims to have been a Naval Officer?
    It's very easy, for some, to pour scorn on a member who has had enough of the sniping of some of the RR membership.
    Banter is one thing, but if some of the comments that where made to her had been aimed at me I'd be PMing the twat to arrange a 'meeting'.
  8. NZ i totaly agree with you some of the things said against BH have been disgusting and I for one will be sorry to see her go. Before any one starts I have never met BH, I do not know her hubby, I have never been a MOD. Its just sad that this site has thrown up this adverse anamosity to some. We are all grown ups or at least of an age to know better BUFFS.
  9. Sorry to see her go.
  10. I see no reason for Brazen to leave. Her input on the site was normally good.
    However any adverse comments that she may have received were normally of her own making.
    If you don't like being on the receiving end then don't dish it out!
  11. agreed.
  12. Very sad you will be missed by the majority of members.
  13. Totally agree - wherever you are and wherever you go BH, my best wishes follow you, my 'andsomw bird...............JB
  14. Where is she going what have I missed!!!
  15. She should come back... the campaign starts here!
  16. Perhaps she will and be promoted to..............superMod
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

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