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sgtpepperband said:
It's a Belly Dancer on an Arabic web link! what's so strange about that? :thumright:

Trying to get it removed as we speak, bloody spammers!

Please don't post in the meantime and it will slide off the front page.
Amazing - I left this forum open to anonymous posting to try to encourage discussion from anyone who contributed to the RRPedia who wasn't a main site member, and with days some robot (I assume) spam appears. Bloody internet.
hope to contribut to the pedia (have started doing so)

im not service, just a civvy with an interest in the navy, historical and present.

Hoping I wont be flamed :p
I suspect you'll only get flamed if you do something really stupid, otherwise you'll just get the piss taken out of you like the rest of us.

Welcome in.