Good use of the licence fee?


Lantern Swinger
Sadly, at least as I understand it, this individual is British, so the "Why don't you go back etc" question is not applicable.

His experiences in detention at Bagram and Guantanamo will always mitigate against further prosecution, even if it is proved that he took part in action against the British interest.

Unfortunately, our cousins across the pond have done so much harm to the idea of benign democracy that it will always be difficult to engage the Islamic world in constructive dialogue on the freedoms that we take for granted.


War Hero
well its all academic,its closed down.I wonder if the comments to be repatriated were a bit too lose to the mark.Personally theres no smoke without fire.It doesnt matter if he was British or anyother nationality,they use Islam as a cover all,bit like a fully comp insurance.If they dont like living in the West then they ought to go and live in a Medieval repressed Islamic republic and stop fecking whinging!