Good to be back in dream job

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by plymwebed, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. The new Commanding Officer of Stounehouse Barracks says its good to be back in the city for the fourth time and says the new post is his dream job.

    Read the full interview at thisisplymouth
  2. For many of us in the medical world, the opportunity to return to our Stonehouse would be very welcome, but the bean counters and a group of snior fudgers came up with the golden idea that UK plc would be better off without Service hospitals.

    RNH Plymouth was a lovely old place, a great place to work and close enough to the city to be a great run ashore.

    Happy days!
  3. Not as good as RNH Haslar though!
  4. Both of em where crap Hasler told me my boken arm (2" broken off my radius) was a sprained wrist,3 weeks later they admited they fcuked up and appologised, cheers (sic). :angry6:
    Stonehouse saw the the optician to get new glasses. He turned up 2 hours late ring bolted. I ended up with glasses that wernt mine and still had to pay for em.
    Mind you I know many civies who were treated great at Haslar but an equal number of matlots who wrer treated crap. glad they`re shutting the place .
    We need military hospitals where they care for service personel not places where the attitude is" I am a doctor /officer telling you what is wrong"
    Come the revolution citizen they`l be the first barstewards up against the wall. :threaten:
    Sorry I`m ranting . Mind you if they had not shut Netley I could go for nice walks and have a warm bed and take my medication on time!!!!! :safe:

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