Good speach my Cameron.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. Di anyone else watch the conference winding up speach yesterday?

    I particularly like the bit about the 'PC and Health and Safety' debacle that has overtaken this country. He said that a policeman chasing a gunman must write out a 'risk assessment' before he decides what to do, and it's all got very silly and being taken over by 'human rights' which is stiffling this country.

    Business rates being reduced by 3p and a two year freeze on council tax is enough to win me over.

    He also said that while he was sitting in on benefits sessions, one couple came in with the woman pregnant and was told they would be better off if she was to claim as a single. How silly is that, it goes completely against the family being best for children.
  2. Human rights law is NOT stifling this country. It is the interpretation of legislation by lawyers and some members of the judiciary at fault. The legislation itself, which is pretty clear in its intent, is preferable to what used to happen under John Major: Britain being periodically arraigned before the ECHR in Strasbourg for matters which our own courts could have dealt with satisfactorily.

    Business rates were doubled under John Major's administration after being forcibly centralised. Businesses in Bromley used to pay half their current rate until Major nationalised what up to then had been locally set business rates.

    The same applies to the council tax. Before the misguided Community Charge was introduced by Thatcher my rates has stayed more or less the same for 10 years. They doubled over night. Then as more people refused to register the CT rose as those of us who paid were penalised.
  3. A long speech with little real content. I did respect him for not "promising" tax cuts, or anything major IF they get into Government, but I still don't think the Tories are really ready to govern. The problem is that neither are Labour or the Lib Dems. So basically we're screwed. :thumright:
  4. What some tory says is pretty irrelevant to me as I would never vote for the bastards as long as I'm an ex matelot.

    To dismiss human rights sums up the attitude of this lot.

    Aren't human rights the main, or even the only, reason for having politicians?
  5. I'd like to see the evidence for his Policeman H&S story sounds like an anecdote from a Policemans Boxing night pish up. seems to rather cast a shade of doubt over the rest of Cameron's claims.
    Seeing the use of lethal force by the police seems to end up with the wrong peeps getting slotted (ie Brazillian Electricians) perhaps more time should be spent on properly IDing crims...can't have that though might take some timeand effort, eh?
  6. Council Tax is set by the local Coooooooncils .
    So don't blame the likes of maggie for your rises .
    The Government supply Councils with a lump sum for various local services and the rest of local council spending requirements is collected from us ''rate payers '' who just happen to be householders.

    In Scotland at the moment we have a council tax[community charge anyone ?? ] freeze for three years under the Scots Nats --the high spender councils [mainly labour run ] were threatened with dire consequences if they didn't comply .
    Water and sewage is not a council remit and is controlled by the utilty companies to set a rate.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  7. Business rates being reduced by 3p and a two year freeze on council tax is enough to win me over
    Although i do agree with the health and safety rules being way over the top.they were only developed for our safety (or so they say )But they were really developed to cover the bosses companies and those in charge .I think i can talk with some experience in that before i retired i was on the h+s committee and also a risk assessment officer .Before we did a job we had to sign for all the gear we were going to use also that we had read how it should be done (safely)and then if anything went wrong it was a hell of a job to prove that you had not veered from what laid down .therefor the company was really covered !!.An instance we were once lifting a transformer and a chain broke and the engineer said we had used the wrong chains But he come unstuck and i was on the job it was all checked and all signed for by me and my deputy
    But as for what you say(Business rates being reduced by 3p and a two year freeze on council tax is enough to win me over)that looks great but what happens when the two years are up and it goes up say 15% all told but your wages have only gone up say 7%in the two years short term fixes DO NOT WORK .Its the same with the utility companies freezing there bills .We all pay in the end!!!.There are no quick fixes only long term policies have any chance
  8. Think its like 42 said we are all screwed :thumright: ps thought the H/S act 74 was good news for everyone :thumright:
  9. Health safety at work act is good for everyone !!.But is very restricting and over the top .But when bosses and companies start twisting it
    to protect themselves(or more in favour of themselves )that when it all starts.Believe you me i am a bigfan of the HSE but it can be construed (bothways i might add)
    But all in all it is a great peace of legislation
  10. His policies are what exactly?

    All we will get from Cameron if he were to be elected is the old etonian cabal who would be totally out of touch with the man in the street; it would be like returning to the days of Harold McMillan. He and his cronies may think that they are born to rule, I do not.
  11. His policies are what exactly?
    Are all short term to win people over .There is no long term solutions in any of his policies .He does seem to think he was born to rule as well :w00t:
  12. And Broon did not believe that he was the natural heir to Blair?
    I for one am looking forward to the day that the present government is replaced, hopefully by a government a little more in touch with the workers and not the shirkers.
  14. He was the democratic parties choice.

    Tories in touch with the workers!! :lol:
  15. Well it was labour party MPs who threw out reform of MPs expenses. How in touch is that? :toilet:
  16. He dare not let out policy at this stage, every time he has done that in the past this shower of ******* has stolen them.
  17. (workers and not the shirkers ) In 1998 we had going on for 3000.000(over)on the dole thrown out of work) (the shirkers).Now even in this present time of financial unrest there are still less(shirkers)than 1.250.000 !!!?????????
  18. Did he cycle off afterwards? Only to get in the Lexus around the corner!
  19. Fcuk the lot of them over the last twenty years they have destroyed the once honourable image and stature of politicians with irresponsibility, immorality, greed and self interest.
    Cameron is a bigger cnut than Broon, Clegg has fcuked himself good and proper fancy not even knowing what the fecking basic state pension is.
    I'd rather have Norman the Tosser(aka Plumduff) for PM.
    A land unfit for heroes.

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