Good sin bosuns in the RN


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Following the report of the Navy paying out loads of dosh for a sin bosun complaining of porn I would like to point out that good guys far outnumber the bad.
Any one remember with affection any RN padre's

I'd like to nominate:

Can anyone remenmber Father Jim on Ark Royal 1976. Always seemed to be on stoppage of tap, hence his many visits to the messdecks. If you wanted to watch a blue movie Father Jim loaned you the projector. If he hadn't seen the movie he would deliver it himself, if he had seen it you collected it.


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The majority opf Padre types are bloody decent blokes / ladies. These are the ones who know that sailors aren't exactly angels when it comes to the ways of the world but choose to pick appropriate moments to sermonise rather than expect everyone to live up to their holier than thou status.

On a course once with a Scottish Chaplain of mature years. He was in the wardroom bar gasping for air and gulping down pints of orange juice after a game of squash.

A young officer walked in and, quite correctly, pointed out that he shouldn't be wearing sports kit in the bar. "Ah fcuk off ya wee sh1te" was the very un-vicar like response.

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