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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by sammysideways, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. sorry if its in the wrong section.

    My physio has told me my running shoes are partially to blame for the twinge in my knee. So tommorow im shopping for some new running shoes, anyone got any sugestions on makes,models etc?
  2. "Tesco Bombers always did it for me."

    said Alf Tupper aka The Tough of the Track.

    P.S. Probably better to go to a reputable sports store and get advice there, where the staff can get all the details at first hand and perhaps check your running style (Or lack of it) on one of those flash treadmills with cameras, X-Ray machine and buffed/ripped shop assistant of the opposite sex to the punter attatched trying to persuade you to buy those fantastic Nike Air Max TriathlonMarathoneers a snip at 200 quid. Ohhhh suits you Sir.
  3. You need to go to a specialist shop - even if you get them to tell you what you need to buy (at their inflated prices) and then decline and buy their recommended product via the internet :thumright:
  4. look on I got mine from there Saucony trainers I brought good all round trainer at a good price. Maybe pop into a sports shop find out your running style then look on this website and find the right ones for your running style.
  5. I've found the specialist shops (and by that I do not mean the high street shops who are worse than useless) are just the same price as anywhere else. A specialist shop will have properly trained staff who will have you running on a treadmill and video your running gait. They'll recommend the right shoes for your particular running style, the injuries you carry, the surface you run on etc.

    If you're in the Portsmouth area try Alexandra Sports. It's always packed on a Saturday but they are excellent, and give 10% MoD discount.
  6. That is a bloody good site Hoppy, nice one.

    Not only has the shoes at decent prices but also tons of advice on which shoes to buy for your running style/gait, sizing, width of shoe etc.
  7. Dunlop Green Flash..... You'll survive running up an erupting volcano whilst wearing them. You'll need a left and right preferably, for comfort.
  8. seconded- or possibly even thirded or fourthded by now :money: on going to a specialist shop where they know what they're doing. Also, I've only had Saucony for a while now- got into them at BRNC when I did a lot of cross country, and now do a lot of fell running. They're pretty spot on as trainers go, regardless of what you want to do. Advert over :thumright:
  9. Good site a at great prices saucony are really good for running.
  10. Now when I was a lad!

    I started of wearing Silver Shadow. Then Puma finishing with New Balance at the time NB where made in Ireland. Probably Taiwan now.

    Reebok are very narrow fitting shoe I thought.

    Supination and Pronation the runners friend I think not!

    Mentioned above you need to know if you are a super or a pro. And buy accordingly either shoes or sorbothane inners.

    It was a long time until I needed sorbothane inners at my peak I was running forty miles a week, more if you count the weekends.

    It has been mentioned before. When you run listen to your body not your watch. Leave your watch at home and train do not strain.

    Mind the rain we are getting at the moment I think I would be look for flippers or a boat!
  11. The French Armed forces issue good running shoes!
  12. got a set of nike's in the end at a shade under 50 notes, well worth it though as my knee pain has since gone. Once my stage 1 training is over i think I probally will leave the watch at home and just run for fun.
  13. Go for the navy issue Hi-Tecs.

    They will become your best friends, and your worst enemy when cleaning them.
  14. What ones are these?
  15. The ones issued at Raleigh are Hi-tec Silver Shadows
  16. Cheers WN.
  17. Hi-Tec silver shadows are for neutral runners, only 30% of the pop' fall into this category.
  18. Any ones with Gel in them should be ok (like Saucony and Asics). These will compensate for all running types.
    The problem is the gel does'nt last very long.
  19. Whats the logic in providing a trainer that only pairs up with 30% of the population?
  20. No doubt the MOD got them from the lowest bidder...

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