Good old kimi!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by andym, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. Kimi Raikonnen has come out with the best line of the Year!When asked by Brundle if he was dissapointed he missed the Presentation to Schumacher by Pele his reply

    "I was having a Shit!"

    Gen dit!!!!
  2. I really don't follow you here mate, but I'm glad it amused you :lol:
  3. Before the start of the race Pele made a presentation of some gizzit to Schumacher all the drivers and hangers in were there except Kimi.Then Brundle interviewed him and he gave his answer!

  4. It amused me andy ,
  5. I nearly shit myself through laughing. It was the way he was fumbling with his trousers at the same time.
    I hate F1 and all that, the boyfriend was making me watch it, but it was worth it, just to see someone say shit on prime time ITV.
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    You should have been watching the Bahrain race back in March then - the term "Fcuking piece of shit" was clearly heard over one car's pit-radio :)
  7. Damn, i didn't know racing could be so much fun.
  8. It would be a lot more interesting if we hear more of the radio traffic.
  9. snapdragon wrote: Damn, i didn't know racing could be so much fun.

    Trust me, it isn't normally. I agree with andy, it would be far more interesting to hear what is really being said and maybe put a big brother style camera in the team areas to watch them slag off the opposition.

  10. Formula 1 would be soooo much more fun if all the drivers had to drink 6 pints of CSB before the race. Then at the pit stop, instead of changing tyres they had to have another pint and maybe a short and a p**s stop. They would then have the dilemma of when and if to do a second p**s stop. However there would be a time penalty if soiled underware was discovered.
  11. They must wear some sort of Inco pad , or adult nappie , the medic's on here will know , we will await your answer andy , I could ask in the morning , but I'm not in till 1300 , sorry ,
  12. For me, F1 is totally boring and is of very little interest these days and is in dire need of an injection of excitement.

    Give me World or British Superbikes any day.
  13. I think the guys reply of.........

    well you must have had a light car then,

    really made the whole thing alot funnier
  14. I like Fishmeister's idea the best, i'd watch that.
  15. I seem to remember one of the F1 drivers saying that they did actually pee their keks.So i take it from that they dont wear a Tena pad or somesuch product.I mean if they cant actuall hold on for just over an hour then they have some kind of bladder control problem!

    I think the only way to make F1 interesting is to remove ALL electronic driver aids,make the gearbox a manual one,basic back to the 60's driving.
  16. bring back the riding mechanic to F1 !!!!

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