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Some of the ***** on here! Children and the production of children funnily enough is vital to the future of this Country,in terms of future employees, employers and taxpayer. Therefore the government must make it attractive to keep on producing our future generation of workers,engineers,teachers,doctors etc.
Yes Child benefit must be capped, but it is vital for young families, the majority who do work, struggle and contribute in every way. Yes there is a sizeable minority who keeping spitting out kids for benefits, but they are a minority.
The majority of people in this country who cannot afford to have more children, stop having children. If we make having children very difficult for working class families, then they won't have any, and we then have to import our workforce, which us brings us to immigration. Oh btw a reduction in a future workforce, means an even more reduction in a future state pension. Lets see that return investment on a Lexus bear fruit.
Obviously FAAFLYNAVY has deeper issues, that he's not dealing with. Either no lead in the pencil, or so ******* pig ugly (that's 100% contraception btw) that even a purring Lexus can't make him succeed in finding someone to dip into his limited gene pool. Or that he's a bum bandit, which on seeing his branch isn't a wild stab in the dark.

Mac, at 71 with no children or grandchildren to worry me you will have to excuse my lack of concern for the future of the country, the planet, or other people's brats, you are right about one thing though I do have several pressing issues to deal with, the main one at the moment is whether buy a Lexus SC or an Alpha Romeo Spyder for the summer.:grin:
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I think the fact that some of this money is going to foreigners is neither here not there. Glad they have stopped it across the board rather than just foreigners.

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