Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Capn_Pugwash, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. At long last some good news.

    A rabid dog, brought back to the UK from Thailand, bit the woman who had organised the "rescue".

    To my great delight, it transpires that she is a social worker.

    Interesting priorities, rescuing stray dogs in Thailand and bringing them to the UK.

    Fecking social workers, what a bunch of cnuts (discuss)
  2. Nice one Capt i fully agree with your sentiments. :thumright: In my job i sometimes have to deal with mental health "social worker" types and it is really hard to distinguish between the Patient and PEST team at times!!

    Utterly utterly useless and a letdown to those in society who need help the most
  3. Social Worker: A useless cnut with no actual experience of life but has a Degree in it telling people how to live their lives.
  4. Er, I was adopted and the social workers were marvellous.

    I find some of the generalisations on here unbelievable at times. Only the other week the judiciary were getting it in the neck as - and I quote - 'lefty' bewigged idiots until (the same day) it came out that they were preventing the government from muzzling coroner's inquiries into Armed Forces deaths, and were also ruling that it is potentially unlawful under the Human Rights Act for civilian politicians to send personnel into warzones without proper kit.

    I'm sure there are social workers who are useless - and it may or may not be the case in this instance. That doesn't damn the whole profession however, just as poor quality naval personnel (Mr Batchelor et al) shouldn't be taken as representative of the whole Navy.

    Perspective please - sometimes the rants on here are a touch childish to say the least.
  5. Do we have the full story it being rabid.

    Nothing wrong with rescuing a dog from anyplace. The more I see of the human race the more I love my dog.

    A case that is going through the courts at the moment.

    A mentally handicapped member of my extended family was sexually molested by a scumbag who was staying in the same sheltered accommodation who many say was just working the head, free room food and lodgings. Items of clothing money etc also stolen

    The local council social services stated when asked about the Crime Prosecution Service investigation that. The CPS investigation say there is no case this file is now closed.

    Contacting the CPS and asking with the evidence available why they state no case. Quoted by local social services.

    The CPS then state they have no knowledge of any such case.

    The social services for the council must have thought nobody would contact the CPS.

    This case was highlighted on the local tv channel back home.

    And is still ongoing. The fact that a person sat in a office working for the social services told a megga lie about the CPS warrants a trip down to the job centre. And hundred hours litter picking!
  6. Great news Dead Sheep savages "Tanzi" an Orrrrstraliannnnnnnnn Social Worker!!!!!!

  8. On the other hand!!

    The social services take baby from mother after is was covered in bruises and has broken arm.

    The mother goes to court begs for her child back. The court gives mother the baby back social services plead it is not safe to do so.

    Mother strangles baby. Exit one baby.

    This mother then went on to meet a male chav while doing community service.

    The male chav was doing CS time for ripping down the bronze name plates from the local war memorial and melting them down to fuel his coke addiction. It was not common knowledge that they had this chav for the memorial. Due to the fact he would have probably been a wheelchair person very shortly.

    The two chavs then persuade a kind person to give them lodgings. His reward was a smashed skull with a hammer one night when they decided to confiscate his wallet while he was sleeping.

    Both now inside. This was a few years back they could be hitting the streets again real soon.

  11. oooooooh!!! You bit :dwarf:
  12. The most disturbing thing about this story is that a rabid animal has made it into the UK. Thankfully it is in quarantine, but rabies is a nasty illness to pick up and it is not an indigenous problem (yet) in UK. However, it is a growing problem in mainland Europe and it would appear to be inevitable that it will make it here at some point.
  13. If you carnt have a rant here where can we have one???????? :dwarf:
  14. Captain P - personally I hate dogs. They're God awful smelly beasts who lick their own bits but your posting is a misrepresentation of the real story.

    The real story is about a woman who has worked tirelessly to halt the slaughter of thousands of stray dogs in Thailand over the years since 1998.

    It has nothing to do with her being a social worker. She has not used tax money or Gov resources to finance this fight and all in all she seems to be a pretty decent human being who doesn't really deserve to have small minded people trying to make a cheap thrill because she got bitten by one of the thousands of animals she has helped.

    This is a link to her world since you didn't provide one.

  15. Cant help but thinking that her efforts would have been better focussed on neutering stray dogs in which ever third wiorld country she takes her holidays in.

    Or even do something in this country to help animal welfare, or, God forbid, homeless people, kids etc.

    If you think I am cynical, you are wrong

    I cant even spell it.
  16. As a youngster living in Africa I was bitten by a dog that had not had a rabies inoculation. As a five year old, being held down by three grown men and being subjected to a course of 15 injections with a gurt big needle that had to pierce the stomach lining invokes very painful memories. I sincerely hope that medical advances have not moved on from this treatment and hope the bitch enjoys her just desserts.

    Have a nice day fcukwit
  17. Think that the site title gives it all away. Typical veggie do-gooder. Having worked in Thailand many times and observed the street dogs it is fairly obvious that they need controlling. We have more than enough stray doge and feral cats in this country without her importing more from the Far East.
    However I suppose saving stray dogs and cats in the UK is not as glamorous as doing it in Bangkok
  18. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Sociology: noun The psuedo-scientific study of those who do not need to be studied by those who do.

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