Good News - CVF 'ordered'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by PartTimer, May 20, 2008.

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  1. Appears that 2 CVF have been ordered - though a rather odd choice of words - but note the bold!!

  2. On reflection - it's a load of spin isn't it?
  3. At least this seems to confirm part of last week's report in the FT (link). If the second part is true, we should see something more substantial in June.

  4. And MoD STILL haven't decided wether to go with Dave B or Dave C to fly off these things… You would think they would clear up that rather substantial issue first before they go buying the war canoes.
  5. And the pic really just shows a sort of bigger Invincible class Carrier doesnt it!!
  6. Interesting to note they can't have a nice pretty picture of the ship bristling with aircraft. Ho Hum. Realistic I suppose!
  7. So how long has the procurement process for the new carriers taken? Something like 10 years from deciding we need new carriers to ordering them? Plus a further 10 years until they are in service...

  8. .....and many years before that
  9. Staff target 1997. No SR(S) as it became a "smart" procurement (ho f8cking ho!). To be honest, most of the six years or so since the initial large designs came out in 2002-ish has been compensating for the failure to update costings from the initial concept costs developed in 1998 or so for a "40000 tonner". Had they done that, much of the last six years trying to shave costs to fit could have been avoided.

    That said as O_S points out, they would probably have faffed about debating the a/c decision just as long.

    Looks like a letter of intent to proceed, which lets the JV stand up, which in turn gives the MoD an organisation to contract with. Promising, if not definitive.
  10. Perhaps they, thecurrent Goverment, want to push it as far as they can without actually signing then pass it over to the incoming (Tories) to carry the financial can while still protecting jobs in Labour seats. I think they have little interest in the efficiency of the RN.

    Cynical of Tumwells Bridge.
  11. However I feel CVF will proceed, question is, will two ships get built? Could we be reduced to one? People will cry out that we cannot operate without two carriers! But has that stopped past governments in cutting the fleet?

    Just seen a rather amusing advert at the bottom of the page:

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  12. Ever since CVA-01 got cancelled y'think?
    Actually.... considering that they spec for the two do you reckon they've just been updating and modernising the old CVA-01 plans for the last 40 and a bit years?
  13. IF they are going to name the first ship HMS Queen Elizabeth The Second surely the sycophants and hangers on won't dare it to cancel it.....what and see all their Knighthoods go up in smoke.
    Now if they were to clag on a nuclear reactor to the propulsion system then we might have something worthwhile putting to sea...The bean counters will go for the cheapo version of course and our lads and lasses will have a complete pigs ear to take to sea and operate. Hamstrung from the start!
  14. Except they aren't - it's going to be HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH, the last one being this little beauty...


    As for nuclear propulsion, it was investigated and rejected. While we have experience with naval nuclear reactors they are all comparatively small anmd surrounded by lots of nice cold water. The French have had many problems trying to transfer submarine reactors into a surface platform and have decided to go with conventional propulsion for their second CV. We have lots and lots of experience dealing with Gas Turbines, making it a lot simpler to operate rather than more complex.
  15. Sadly, It's merely to keep ship-builders in work assuming they vote Labour. The ships will be too expensive to put to sea and impossible to deploy many miles east of our shores with no re-fuelling the other side of Gibraltar .
    They will be placed in reserve for disposal within a year or so of them being built, I predict.
  16. [Deleted]
  17. But only one carrier between 2011-2015 you think that they would have learnt their lesson in the falklands about needing an air defence capability and the Harrier GR 7/9 does not offer that with no radar, it can only carry two advanced short range air to air missiles for stictly visual launch goodbye being able to lauch an adequante task force ever again
  18. But with the advent of the new aircraft, when they sort it out, there won`t be any harriers by then, or will there?
  19. think AWAC s / E2C /F35 and 6 months training for air and ground crew in Pensicola :thumright: I wish!! :angel11: but highly unlikely

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